Bringing in the Soup Lights

Look below for how you can support this annual event

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Souper Bowl Information

This is a fun competition for a wonderful cause and it is perfect at this time of year. We all join in and our principal pals help get all of the cans collected and counted. The daily counts are listed in the cafeteria. Mrs. Krajewski (Kohnert) leads the team in getting things accurate. thanks for your participation.

Teaching and Learning Tips for Math

Here are examples of anchor charts for math. We have use charts of this kind over the past 3-4 years for reading and writing workshop tips. Here, the children can use these resources to help during math work.

Tower Gardens alive and growing

Our Principal's Council has teamed up with Mrs. Kuptz, parent and certified nutritionist, to give the tower gardens a boost. We have have planted 19 different plants and will monitor their growth over time. The students are in charge of the pH, and making sure the tanks are correctly full of the correct ingredients. Mr. B will have a watchful eye on the monitoring.

MakerSpace update

In the latest installment of the happenings of our Makerspace, here are the kids on task and engaged in the most recent activity. Each grade level has a new module to work in over time, and Mrs. Meissner and Mrs. Iwanski are the designers behind the scenes,

Winter fun

The slides are really fast with a little snow on them. The kids zoom down and they slide on the turf at the bottom. Thanks to our PTO and school board again-great fun all year round.
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Mike Budisch

Having fun with the kids and their families is a wonderful part of my role at school. Just a blast!