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Every day you can help conserve water - so how about now?

Limit yourself to 3 minute showers.

  • The average person uses 100 gallons per day and you can help save 23 gallons by taking a 3 minute shower.

Marine showers

  • While shampooing you can turn the water off to save the amount used and then turn it back on when you are ready to rinse.

5 Second rinse

  • When brushing your teeth, limit the amount of time to rinse your toothbrush. The average person uses 2 gallons per minute

Weekly leak checks

  • Check you faucets, sprinkler heads and pipes for leaks.

No tub time

  • Short showers will limit the amount of water used instead of the water running to fill a tub which could double the amount of water used

Salt vs. Fresh

3% of earths water is freshwater. 70% of that is in the glaciers, ice and snow. 1% is salty water.

KMM Conservation Group

A group of individuals dedicated to saving and effectively conserving todays water sources.
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