Omaha Beach

By Ethan Williams,Gracie Halperin ,and Jennifer Blum

Boats(Higgins boat)

a.It carries soilders.

b.The soldiers exited the boats by charging down the boat’s ramp.

c.It could fit 36 troops

Guns(the Bretta)

a.It was used by Italy and Germany.

b.It was a light machine gun which weighed 10.6 kg.

c.It could shoot 500 rounds per minute.

Artifact-Purple heart

a.The oldest military award still given out.

b.It is a military medal.

c.It is a very good award to get.


a.The production of tanks increased during World War 2.

b.The armor increased.

c.There was 2 type of tanks cavalry tanks and infantry tanks.


a.Designed in 1942

b.It shoots rocket

c.It is a anti-tank weapon.

American flag

a.It had 48 stars during World War 2

b.They were arranged in six rows of eight stars each.

c. American fighting men would fight in the war under this flag.