Dr. John Rogers

Distinguished Speaker Seminar

"Soft, Stretchy Circuits That Can Dissolve in Your Body"

Seminar Abstract: Biology is soft, curvilinear and transient; silicon technology is rigid, planar and everlasting. Electronic systems that eliminate this profound mismatch in properties create opportunities for devices that intimately integrate with biology, with application possibilities that range from tools for basic research to instruments for clinical medicine. Recent work establishes a set of materials, mechanics concepts and fabrication approaches for such a technology. This talk describes the key ideas, with examples in cellular-scale, ‘injectable’ light emitting diodes, ‘epidermal’ skin-mounted sensors and bioresorbable electronic implants.

Wednesday, Feb. 18th, 3pm

500 D. W. Brooks Dr

Athens, GA

The seminar will be held in the Coverdell Auditorium.
Contact: Patsy Adams (patsy@engr.uga.edu) 706.542.8839
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