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My name is Michelle Restivo, and I'm very excited to be supporting Jackson Primary, John Kennedy Elementary, and Batavia Middle School as your PreK-6 Literacy Instructional Coach. For more about me, check out my bio below.

As you begin your school year, please feel free to contact me with questions pertaining to any and all things literacy. This includes but is not limited to: questions about guided reading, writing, and general ELA, as well as programs such as Literacy Footprints and Being a Writer, iReady for reading, and more. Analyzing assessment data to inform your high quality instruction is another area that I can offer support in. Instructional coaching is a collaborative approach to teaching and learning where we, as teachers, are partners working together to strengthen our instruction.

Using reflective practice and goal setting in teaching and utilizing our awesome SWIVL technology may be a game changer for your instruction and students' learning. Contact me if you'd like to learn more about this amazing opportunity to help your students learn. Additionally, if you are looking for resources to support a specific area of your instruction, I would be happy to work with you in finding some so you can try them out in your classroom. Currently, I am part of a literacy intervention pilot with several other superb BCSD teachers. I'd love to talk with you about how you reach your struggling readers and writers, and learn from you as I continue in my teaching role. I'm available to meet with you before or after school, or during your planning periods. Contact me anytime!

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The 8 Mindframes of Successful Teachers: Know Thy Impact!

Literacy websites for teachers

Amazon Inspire is an open collaboration service that allows teachers to share digital resources. It's similar to teachers pay teachers, but bonus, all the lessons are free!

Being a Writer has an online learning hub for teachers. Create your account here!

Literacy Footprints has many downloadable teacher resources to use in guided reading, as well as an online student tracker component. Email to request your personal login information.

Collaborative Literacy Tip of the Month

This just in from our

Jackson Primary Librarian, MalloryAnn Flanagan:

"I have been working with a talking to some other librarians in the area about how to legally show our students videos of books online. Unfortunately, most YouTube videos of books being read are not in compliance with copyright laws. In doing some research, I have found a great resource for showing kids books online that I hope all of you will check out, called Storylineonline. These videos are great because they feature images from the story as well as being able to see the person reading. It is so important when a child is hearing a book to not only hear the words, but also see the facial expressions and notice the nuances that the reader uses. This is part of what helps kids develop into great readers and story tellers themselves. With any YouTube book videos, we don't get to see the person reading so that entire piece is lost. Check these videos out; they are all great books!"

Let's Hear From You

Do you have an awesome literacy teaching tip to share with our great teachers at BCSD? If so, please consider sending it to me so it can be included in an upcoming issue of this newsletter.

Meet Your Literacy Instructional Coach

Michelle Restivo

This is my thirteenth year teaching in the Batavia City School District. My teaching assignments include third grade inclusion teacher for 7 years and kindergarten/first grade looping teacher for 5 years. I've also served as the Literacy Department chair for the past 3 years, where I've expanded my knowledge about literacy instruction and coaching through attending many professional developments offerings and participating in coaching cycles as a teacher. My favorite part of being a teacher and now a coach, is watching children's expressions as they learn something new everyday. At home, I have 2 terrific children- a second semester sophomore in college planning to move to California in February, and a senior in high school who dominates on the football field and wrestling mat. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my kids, exploring the outdoors, reading, writing, running, and practicing yoga. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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