4S Guth Updates! Welcome Spring!


Study Island March Madness Challenge!


Each student has a district provided Study Island account with a password that is used at school and home. The challenge is for students to log in several times per week to work through the assigned topics in Reading, Math, and Science. The mode is Practice Mode and the question number is 20. Students work through the questions with a goal of earning a P for proficient or an A for advanced in the category on the main menu. There are lessons, flash cards, and videos available to go over the concepts as needed. The goal is to finish the assignments by 3.31.16! Go for it! I know you can do it!

Grade 4 Passion Project


Please take a look at the link above. A passion project is a high-interest topic that is researched, reported, and shared. The students have chosen their topics, had them approved, and are researching, reporting, and preparing to share! We can't wait to learn from each other! The projects are completed a little in school and mostly at home. Students have access to the school library and the district resources online. Your child may need time at the public library or time on the home computer. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. There is no need to spend money for these projects.