Author Study: Patricia Polacco

Brenna Oxley HR 4's Author Study Presentation

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

-Patricia Polacco

Central Idea

In 1985, in Union City, Michigan, Patricia Polacco began to write childrens books because she grew up with a family of storytellers, dyslexia, and amazing drawings that inspired her.

Author Research Summary

Patricia Polacco was born in Lansing, Michigan, on July 11th, 1944, with a family of storytellers and their cultural traditions, plus having dyslexia, a learning disability that makes it much harder to read. She was unable to read until she was 14, thanks to one of her teachers. While she had an issue with reading, she was able to draw much better than normal. It was not until she was 41 (1985) that she would begin writing books for children.

Synthesizing Books Summary: Theme

The theme of Patricia’s Polacco’s books are to treat everyone and everything the way you’d like to be treated. I know this because in the first book, Mr. Lincoln’s Way, a bully named Eugene would treat people unfairly, but Mr. Lincoln would prove to him that being treated the way he treated other people was wrong. The second reason I know this is because in the second book, Christmas Tapestry, the main characters (Jonathan and Beth) would treat the new church like it would not have any attention from other citizens. They were proven wrong with a humongous crowd on Christmas Eve. The final reason I know this is because in the 3rd book, Thank you Mr. Falker, a boy named Eric would never stop bullying Trisha for not being able to read. However, Mr. Falker would stand up for Trisha, proving that she was smart and could read if she put work into it.

Synthesizing Books Summary: Characters

The similarities of the characters/character traits is how most of the characters are incredibly nice, but some are rude.. yet in the end they have learned about each other and have bonded. I know this because in all three books there would be someone ungrateful about the future, such as Jonathan (Book 2), Eric (Book 3), and Eugene (Book 1). I also know this because there were characters trying to make the 3 ungrateful characters hopeful--Jonathan’s father (Book 2), Mr. Falker (Book 3), and Mr. Lincoln (Book 1). The last reason I know this is because in all 3 books there would be a conflict that both the characters would be involved in (Jonathan and his Father, Mr. Falker and Eric, and Mr. Lincoln and Eugene), but they would always seem to be friends at the end of the book or much nicer than in the beginning.

Thanks for reading about Patricia Polacco!