A few words from the Library

Read and think, think and read.

"Google can find you 100,000 answers. A librarian can find you the right one". Neil Gaiman.


Instead of randomly googling things students should use EPIC. Epic is a reliable online resource for schools. Epic provides a gateway to databases containing millions of full-text articles from overseas magazines, newspapers and reference publications across a vast range of curriculum topics. The databases are updated daily.

Address http://www.tki.org.nz. (See a librarian for the username and password. We are not allowed to display this publicly).

Scroll down to EPIC & click to enter then choose which you wish to use. The opposing viewpoints in context will help see both sides of the story - good for debating. The Australian & NZ Reference Centre give an emphasis to NZ & Australian items.

Are you a lucky borrower?

Our Lucky Dip "thingy" started with a hiss and a roar with five prizes going in the first three days and another a few days after. Fifteen random books were selected throughout the collection excluding magazines. When a "lucky book" is issued a message comes up on the computer.That borrower wins a pre-selected prize. The more you borrow the more likely you will hit the jackpot. There are 9 lucky books still lurking out there. Prizes range in value from about $1 to $20.

Borrowing books....

We have a great selection of books but if there is a book, or a series that you think we should have in our collection let Mrs Gates know and she will look into the possibility of getting it.

Juniors can borrow 3 books at a time & seniors up to 6, (though remember if you have an overdue you must return that first).

Returning your books on time...

Whenever a book is issued the due date is stamped at the back of the book/magazine. Please check this and return your books on time. We will do renewals unless there is a waiting list. There are no overdue fines but a student may not borrow another book until late ones are returned. If a book is lost the borrower is expected to pay a replacement cost - this will vary depending on the value of the book.