CSDA April 2021 Newsletter

Spring Break: No Classes or Office Hours Monday, April 19th through Sunday, April 25th, 2021

All things related to the recital!

This year we have a site dedicated to the recital! You will find all current information on the site from costume pick up through the recital. We will be updating it periodically and will send an email when there is new information available. Click here to check it out now!

Shoe & Body liner Orders!

April 10th is the deadline for ordering shoes and body liners on the online store. This will be the last order before the Recital. All female students with costumes ages 8 & older must wear a body liner under all costumes. Body liners may be ordered for any child under 8 who is modest or does not like how the costume feels. (We have toddler sizes available!)

Everyone must have the correct color dance shoes for the recital by the 1st week of May. Please refer to the handbook under dress code for the correct color.

Picture Day! We have gone digital!

Sunday, May 16 is picture day at the Plymouth Studio. Having gone digital there will be a sitting fee which includes your individual and group photo downloads ($20 per family plus $10 each additional child). This fee will be posted in your parent portal May 1st. If you are not able to participate just email us, tiffany@centerstagestudios.net, and we will remove the fee. For more detailed information and the picture day schedule visit our recital site!

Our 2021/22 schedule is now available for your viewing! You will be able to pre register for classes in May.
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Award Form was due March 30th!

There are well over 200 dancers and only 80 dancers have responded. We needed everyone to fill out the award form (even if your dancer isn't up for an award this year) to make sure everyone is accounted for. This is your last call. Once we place the order next week we will not be able to add on.


Observation Week! classes livestreamed from April 1st-7th!

The camera tab in your parent portal on today's schedule is how you observe class as well as have your child join when unable to be at the studio!

Reminder - Text 774-343-9209 at least 2 hours before class if your dancer needs to join on zoom! We do not have zoom on unless we are aware of a dancer needing to zoom.

April vacation is this month. If you decide to travel please take advantage of our option to zoom. We have been able to keep the studio open all year so far because families that have traveled and or have been exposed to Covid-19, zoomed class. Let's continue in this positive direction. Recital is right around the corner and we want to keep all our dancers healthy. Thank you!

Monthly Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who donated in March to the Latham Center. We appreciate all of you supporting our mission to be a community serving studio.

This month, April, is Autism Awareness Month! Specifically April 2nd. Please join us in wearing blue to class from Friday, April 2nd to Thursday, April 8th to continue to raise awareness! In addition students will have the opportunity to color a puzzle piece during class to add to our Autism Awareness Bulletin Board and continue the conversation about this prevalent diagnosis! We will be giving away a scholarship for our "We Can Dance!" program in honor of Miss Emily's dad who passed in 2020. We believe everyone deserves a chance to dance and can't wait to give this opportunity to a special dancer in the making!

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Outreach Team News

We are so proud of our team for an amazing competition season! Even though they were not able to dance for a live audience their team members loud cheering made up for it. The support they give to one another shows how much of a family they really are. Congratulations dancers, even though you brought home many awards we celebrate the incredible humans you are.

Looking to become an outreach team member?! Auditions are in May!

Ongoing Fundraisers:

The Outreach Team collects register receipts from Clements Market in Manomet. Please drop receipts into studio desk located at both studios.

Do you shop on amazon? Of course you do! Please consider choosing The Center Stage Outreach Team as your charity of choice.

Please Drive Slow!!

People are driving way too fast in the parking lots...we would rather dancers and parents be late then having cars rushing through the parking lot. Also, please remember when you drive around the building, there are dancers exiting the back door! Nothing is more precious then the lives coming in and out.

CSDA Contact Information:

For tuition & parent portal questions, please contact: dona@centerstagestudios.net

For shoes & clothing, please contact: heide@centerstagestudios.net

For any studio related questions or concerns or questions about your dancers’ classes, absences, progress, or placement, please email tiffany@centerstagestudios.net

All Outreach Team questions, please contact tiffany@centerstagestudios.net

Studio Cell # 774-343-9209

Center Stage Dance Academy

Late to class?! Just ring the doorbell!

Take a look at April's calendar for our wear blue week!

Find our recital site here!

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