The myth race

By Braden LeMaster

What the game is about.

You play as a different person from each level. Each different level is one of the four adventure myths from Greek mythology. This game is for high school students who want to learn about the myths in a fun creative environment, where they can learn their way and not having to listen to someone read out of a book.

Level one, Pegasus and bellerophon

In level one, You play as Pegasus (the mythological flying horse) who has made the worst mistake by choosing bellerphon as his partner. He must figure out how to get rid of bellerphon and branch out on his own.
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Level 2 Perseus and Medusa

Level 2, You play as Perseus, while playing you must figure out who you truly are. Your father throws you and your mother into the sea hoping to never see you again. You land on an island where your mom get in a bad spot and you are sent to kill a snake headed lady to save her life!
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Level 3

The third level, you play as Daedalus. You keep trying to help your son and keep him in check but you do something you shouldn’t have.
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Level 4

The fourth level Is you trying to get out of the labyrinth and escaping the Minotaur. Once you get out the game ends and you win

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