1.Life as a Woman

being a woman

woman are

an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman.

2. roles in the middel ages for a woman

2.Mostly house roles such as cooking and cleaning

3.Woman did theys activiteys

3.House work washing and cleaning is the woman roles in this time.

4.Middel ages

4.On the ruins of the Roman Empire there arose small barbarian kingdoms. The kings warred constantly with one another. britannica.com

5.was feudalim and was a poor man doing.

5.People had to pay for their protection. Money was scarce, but the noble was very willing to take land instead feudalism grew up in an age of disorder, when the central government was helpless to protect the people.
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7. Woman in the middle ages kind of remined me of slaves.

8. Kelsey Bently 5th