Sandro Botticelli

By: Colin Allen


Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence, Italy in the year 1445. This was where he spent most of his life. While in Florence, he was trained by Fra Filippo Lippi, but Botticelli's art resembled that of Andrea del Verricchio. His early work was much like the current style that was shown in Florence. This is where Sandro started his work with secularistic type paintings. This type of art focused on the individual and this was shown in some of his most famous works, such as Birth of Venus and Primavera. Most of these paintings were under the patronage of the Medici family and bank. Botticelli's later style was like his previous, but instead focused on small things instead of people. He would put in the same amount of detail so that the work of art really popped. As he got even older, he became crippled and people stopped going to him for commissions. This did not stop him from making his own art though. He drew kept on drawing, but some of his art was never finished.

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Birth of Venus

This piece of artwork was one of Botticelli's most famous. It is called Birth of Venus. It was painted in 1482 and you could see this piece in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. This specific piece really expressed secularism. It was all focused on the Venus herself and her beauty. Everything about her was emphasized with even angels around her pointing to her and observing her while she is on the clamshell. I find this piece interesting because of everything that is being done to really bring out Venus and to highlight her perfection. There are so many little things that are shown to add to the overall elegance of it. This piece of artwork obviously represented secularism. This is because everything is focused on Venus and her absolute perfection as a human, and that is what secularism is all about.

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