Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume III, No. 23

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.


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Big Pirates Painting for Li'l Pirates 🎨

Southside Elementary School's students will be thrilled to see the murals being completed by the Fernandina Beach High School Art Club. The FBHS Art Club have painted two hallways that feature an ocean theme. Thank you to those students for sharing their time and talent!

Reading Across America

Before schools were closed, Yulee Elementary students had fun traveling across America in the YES Read Across America bus! Students boarded the bus and began the journey to their story destination. Once they arrived and listened to their story, they received a US National Passport that contained 24 states with book titles to appreciate. Before exiting the bus, students traveled to Tennessee to enjoy a ride on the Smokey Mountain Alpine Slide! For week 2 of Read Across America, students could choose additional books from their passport. Students who read all the books and successfully tested received a certificate and prizes.

Flat Teacher Adventures

Mrs. Parm, at Callahan Elementary, mailed her flat teacher project to her students. Students were encouraged to take Flat Teacher Parm on adventures and field trips. It was a great way to have her students still feel connected to her. Flat Teacher Parm was able to go on a bike ride, have a sleepover, feed a fish, and enjoy lunch.

Students pictured: Mason B, Jalen W., Cheyenne R., Jayden W., Amryn F., Lilli T.

🎈 Birthday Celebration 🎈

Students get so excited to celebrate their birthday at school. Callahan Elementary's student, John ONeal, was turning 7 and wasn't able to be at school to celebrate. His teacher, Mrs. Parm, was able to surprise John with the class's birthday chair cover, a birthday pirate flag, and cupcakes. He smiled so big and said, "I love it, and I love Mrs. Parm."

There Was A Teacher That Loved Her Students...

Haylee Swanstrom, Callahan Elementary, had to miss a few of the weekly read alouds that her teacher, Mrs. Parm, had done over Google Meet. Students have enjoyed listening to the books and answering comprehension questions in the class chat. Haylee was disappointed that she missed the sessions. Mrs. Parm was able to surprise Haylee and read to her and her siblings. They read from her favorite series, There Was an Old Lady that Swallowed a...". It was a memorable day for Haylee and Mrs. Parm.


📚 Books for Balloons 🎈

Callahan Elementary's teachers, Allison Neiser and Kelly Lacy, set an AR Challenge between their classes. Every child who met their goal was able to come to the parking lot and throw a water balloon at their teacher! The class that took the most AR quizzes in one week watched their teacher get a bucket of water dumped on her head. Mrs. Neiser's class took 130 quizzes in one week, and she was soaked!

Rewards for Students and Their Teacher

Mrs. Russell, 6th/7th grade Math at Hilliard Middle-Senior High School, had a difficult time with her students not showing or completing their homework or Spiral Review Bell Ringers. She decided to start a ticket reward system in which students saved tickets every nine weeks to cash in. Students were supposed to cash in tickets after Spring Break, but we were not able to return to school. Mrs. Russell knew that some students had saved their tickets all year, and she didn't want them missing their rewards. So, she decided to pack her trunk with balloons, personal notes to students, and lots of goodies! Mrs. Russell's favorite part of this experience was the expressions on their faces seeing their teacher at their door. After the initial surprise, they were reminded of their ticket rewards and they were excited to pick treats from the trunk. Mrs. Russell stated, "This is going to be one memory that definitely stands out of the many added memories I have gathered over the years of teaching. I love my students and my job!" Nice work, Mrs. Russell!

Virtual Cassowary Studies

Each school year, during the second semester, the Elementary Gifted students of Nassau County partner with White Oak Conservation to learn about a particular animal species. Students learn about the animal, the dangers and threats facing this species as well as the habitat and environment the animal lives in. While studying the animal they also take part in a project-based learning activity. This January, students kicked off a study of the Cassowary. They had started learning about the Cassowary and their natural habitat when schools shifted to distance learning due to Covid-19. While the actual field experience that was planned for March had to be canceled, it didn’t stop these students from learning more about these endangered creatures from home. Through a series of research activities, students learned about the population of the Cassowary in Australia and New Guinea. They learned what type of environment is best suited for its survival. They also focused research on what threats the Cassowary currently has with an emphasis on solutions to these problems. Students were challenged to create a public awareness campaign for the Australian government to educate people of the threats facing the Cassowary providing solutions to these common problems. Students created everything from short commercial videos, brochures, newspaper articles, and google slide shows. They displayed great creativity and projects were shared with the White Oak staff.

🎓 Caps, Gowns, and All Smiles 🎓

Callahan Elementary's Pre-K Graduates were excited to get their cap and gown photos taken.

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