What is it, what're the good things, and, the bad things

what is Ergonomics, what is good, and what is bad?

  • Ergonomics is the study of people in the work force for safety reasons. There is a disease: musculoskeletal disorders or MDS. there are different musculoskeletal disorders, such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, Tendinitis, Rotator cuff injuries, Epicondylitis, Trigger finger, and other Muscle strains and low back injuries. Jobs that anybody can get musculoskeletal disorders. Good thing: OSHA is the government facility that protect people from work-related injuries, diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders. Bad thing: In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed a act that was similar to OSHA, but was considered unconstitutional. Good thing: In 1970, President Richard M. Nixon signed the OSHA act, creating OSHA and making sure that it was a success. It is. Bad thing: OSHA shut down businesses and made companies millions of dollars. Good thing: OSHA helped thousands of employees when they got fired by their employers.

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Follow the posture or follow your death, as posture is the thing to have