NO More Dead Dogs movie

Based on the novel by Gordon Koman


This is based on the book No More Dead Dogs. When students made a play but someone don't like the play and messes it up. They are trying to find the person who is messing up the play so let see which one of these are messing it up.


Wallace and others are making a play but someone is messing it up. They found Wallace's jersey next to where the paper shredder once was. Wallace Wallace knew he didn't put it there. At the end of the book they found out that Dylan did it all. Wallace told his first lie to Rachel because he didn't want to hurt her feel and make her made at her brother. So he lied to the girl that just started liking him. So she wont be mad at her brother on something he did do.
This movie is going to come out November 21st, 2014 at Brenham Junior High
3 good things about the play is,

Trudi Davis likes Wallace Wallace.

Wallace Wallace joins the drama club.

Wallace didn't get in trouble about messing up the play.

2 bad thing about the play is,

Wallace gets kicked off of the football team.

Wallace gets in trouble for doing a bad book report.

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