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Collaborative Groups April/May 2016

Collaborative Groups

In Collaborative Group Work, students engage in learning by constructing group solutions, texts, experiments, or works of art. Effective group work is well planned and strategic. Students are grouped intentionally, with each student held accountable for contributing to the group work. Activities are designed so that students with diverse skill levels are supported as well as challenged by their peers. They are planned around meaningful tasks in the subject area that are conceptually rich, engaging, and have multiple entry points for all students.

Professional Development 7 Workshop at each campus

04/12/16-Vela M.S.

04/14//16-Manzano M.S.

04/15/16-Perkins M.S.

04/19/16-Garcia M.S.

04/20/16-Hanna H.S.

05/10/16-Rivera M.S.

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Collaborative Group Work with the 1-2-3 protocol