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Central Elementary Staff News----January 4-January 8

Happy New Year 2016!

Dear Staff,

As we return to school and a new sense of normalcy, we do so with an awareness that some of our parents are nervous in light of the threats made before we left. Several of you may be nervous, but please be assured that the district leadership team, in conjunction with public safety officials, have met over break and you and the safety of our students are always on the forefront of our minds.

On January 4th, Plainfield schools are going to be the safest they have ever been. As you talk with community members, parents, and each other, please remember the following

precautionary measures have been put in place:

  • Officer at our building from 8-4 (two days for sure and then we will see)
  • Indoor recess for the first week
  • If you have parent volunteers starting on Monday, I would ask that you let them know we are going to have them start their day here at 9:00 a.m. We welcome them, but want to have all the children in their places before we let other adults in the building.
  • Our leadership team will be outside welcoming our students in the morning.
  • Our busses are very secure as we continue to follow all of the safety procedures in place.

Here are specific ways you can help:

  • If students bring up the issue, assure them that they are safe in our school
  • If parents keep children home and ask for homework, send it one day at a time and assure them that their child is safe at our school.
  • If students are not in attendance, they will be marked as absent. If parents ask about excused versus unexcused, indicate that students are always allowed to make up work for credit at the elementary school.
  • As a reminder, please do not forward my emails or add any Facebook posts that will keep this going.
  • By remaining calm and collected, we can communicate confidence to our students and parents. Please understand that the authorities are doing everything they can to locate the individual making these threats.

Additionally, on Monday morning, please be outside your classroom door greeting and supervising your students. Our goal is to maintain as normal a day as possible.

I am really looking forward to seeing and working with all of you as we begin a new year at Central Elementary School.

Have a great week!


A Week at a Glance

Central Calendar

MONDAY, January 4

  • Welcome students to school. Be visible.
  • Grades are due in Powerschool by 8:00 a.m.

TUESDAY, January 5

  • Lockdown Drill 1:00---Please talk with your students about the drill because we do not want them to be scared.

WEDNESDAY, January 6

  • Report cards go home
  • Cogat Meeting at Central Office 4:00

THURSDAY, January 7

  • Faculty Meeting 4:00 LGI

FRIDAY, January 8

  • Fifth Grade Orientation at PCMS
  • Fire Drill AM

Announcements and Reminders

  • January 4-8 indoor recess. Please note, as the situation continues to remain stable, we will return to our normal schedule of going outside for recess, following our usual weather guidelines.

  • Reminder, we do not go outside for recess if it is 20 degrees or below. As it gets cooler, please go out at your own discretion.

  • Please communicate when your parties will be held the week of January 4-8th. This is the same for all elementary schools.

  • When return we will start Specials Day 4.

  • New Copiers are setup and working through Follow-me printing. Let me know what you think.

  • Make sure you are showing the Central Character Company videos and completing lessons every Thursday. If you have questions, please see Diana.

  • Please put the following dates on your radar: January 8th middle school orientation, January 14th Central Literacy Night, and January Read-A-Thon begins for three weeks. Watch for emails from Kathy Crum regarding the Literacy Night.

  • Mouthpiece testing for 5th grade students is Friday, January 15th





  • January 19th and 20th there will be a parent band meeting at the Middle School.

  • January 12th Body Safety Parent Meeting Night at Clark's Creek from 6:30-7:30.

  • January 21st Central K, 2, and 5th grade body safety presentation during school. Each presentation is given in Individual classrooms and will last approximately 30 minutes.

  • Please point out to parents the link to Closing and Delays on our Plainfield website. Check it out as well.

  • Begin collecting plastic caps for the "bench project." See Jennie M. for questions.

  • Grades are due in PowerSchool on Monday, January 4, NO LATER THAN 8 a.m. Shonda will run report cards that day and have them in your mailboxes for review. Tuesday will be for reprints and then cards will be available for distribution on Wednesday, January 6.

    When your grades are in and finished, please don’t forget to click on the gray button in each class that says Q1 in Progress. This lets me know that your grades are complete.

    A reminder from Mary Jordan, Please remember to Refresh your Gradebook: Go to File > Refresh Class Info AND everyone should RECALCULATE FINAL SCORES > Tools > Recalculate Final Scores. These two processes should be performed as you are working in your grade book.

  • Overall, feedback regarding substitute teachers was very good. The only thing reported to me was asking me to remind teachers that sub plans are organized and not just notes.

  • Nicole asked me to please have you check your calendars in advance and notify me of upcoming days off even if it is two months away. This will ensure you have a substitute teacher. Nicole's number is 409-9251.

Curriculum and Instruction

FYI-We are getting closer to final ISTEP scores being released.


December 23, 2015

Independent Analysis Finds No Evidence That Student Scores Were Negatively Impacted by CTB Scoring Process

Today, the Indiana Department of Education closed its investigation into an anonymous allegation regarding the scoring processes of CTB McGraw-Hill. In closing the report, the Department also released the analysis of independent assessment experts regarding the scoring process used by CTB McGraw-Hill during the 2015 ISTEP+ scoring window. The analysis was conducted by independent assessment experts at the request of the Indiana Department of Education and staff for the State Board of Education.

These independent experts are on contract with the State Board of Education and include Edward Roeber, Derek Briggs, and Wes Bruce, former Assessment Director under Superintendent Glenda Ritz as well as former Superintendent Tony Bennett.

Among other findings, the report found that "An expert panel's independent review of the data provided by CTB finds no evidence that students were erroneously given a lower score on the Spring 2015 ISTEP+."

A copy of the report is attached.

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Celebrate Staff

  • The following PTO grant requests have been approved which total $1267.53. Congratulations Teachers!!
  • Megan Johnson – 3rd Grade – Spelling/Vocabulary/Word Activities - $175.20
  • April Miller – Music teacher – Table Top Music Stands - $229.23 (27 stands)
  • Jennie Menser – 4th Grade – 5 Multiplication Wrap Ups - $50.00
  • Bridget Davis – 4th Grade – Needs supplies for a new math center she is starting. - $186.00
  • Ann Johnson – 5th Grade – Classic Royal Reading Writing Center (easel with a whiteboard, wheels and a place for charts - $327.10
  • Mogg, Mrs. Pagels, Mrs. Riester – Legos, puzzles, Lincoln Logs, coloring books, cars - $300.00 ($100.00 for each teacher) – Games/activities for indoor recess.

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4th Grade Indoor Recess!

K-Kids Caroling!

2nd grade Making Tiles!