The Mark of Athena

By:Rick Riordan


Some of the main settings that were in this book were the Roman demigods camp Camp Jupiter. This is where the Romans and Greeks meet. The next setting important setting in the story is the Argo II. This is an important setting since this is where the seven demigods and Coach Hedge live and travel on their journey to Rome and Greece. My final reason that this is an important setting in the story is that there are many battles aboard this ship like when they battle Medusa's other son Chrysaor and his half dolphin half human hybrids, battling giant eagles and Romans, fighting a giant killer shrimp, and sea monsters and water nymphs.

By:Clay Bohn


Some of the characterization that the author used in this is when he tells us about Jason in the beginning. He tells us that Jason is wearing a purple toga and a Camp-Half Blood t-shirt. Another example of characterization is when he tells us that Piper is wearing a Hello Kitty shirt, tattered jeans, and an eagle feather in her hair.

Point of View

The point of view in The Mark of Athena is First Person since the narrators Annabeth ,Percy, Hazel, Piper, and Frank are always talking about it in their view and saying we, me, and I.



In the exposition of The Mark of Athena they introduce characters from past books like Annebeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Coach Hedge. They also introduce a new setting the Argo II, and this is the ship that the Seven demigods use to travel to Rome.

Rising Action

In the Rising Action Percy Jackson and the other six demigods start their journey to the Ancient city of Rome. In the beginning of their journey they escape the Romans and the fierce battle they had after Leo shot at the city of New Rome. Then they have to go through many battles before they get to the gates to the Mediterranean guarded by Hercules. When they get there they tell Hercules that Hera sent them, and then he gives them a hard quest since he hates anything that Hera approves or likes. So he gives them a quest to take the other horn off of the river god Achelous. When they came and told him that they were going to take his other horn he got mad after saying he was sorry for this he attacked them and tried to drown them in the river.But, Jason threw a lightning bolt at the water and hurt Achelous. Then they went back and told Hercules that they would not give him the horn and covered him in a pile of fruit from the horn and ran away. Another thing that happened in the Rising Action was when they got to Rome they explored the city to try to find the giants, and Annebeth needed to find the statue of Athena and follow the Mark of Athena. She got a ride from Tibernus and Rhea to where she should start on her quest.


In the Climax of The Mark of Athena Annebeth goes in a tunnel system and follows a sign that is the mark of Athena which is an owl. She follows this into a hole where she makes a makeshift ladder out of plastic swords and string and climbs down. She makes her way what looks like some sort of waterway or sewer. Next, she explored this place and attached a piece of string to her and followed the Mark of Athena to her next destination. She found a room that looked like it was over 2,000 years old. On the floor was a large mosaics with 7 pictures.At the far end of the room there was a picture that showed a man that had a knife to the neck of a bull. On the ground were a whole bunch of skeletons and bones that looked like they were either burned or had been killed by a sword or dagger of some kind. Then she met 12 Lares when she went into a little shrine that was a dead end. She tricked these Lares that she was the all knowing mother and she found out and guessed that they had 7 levels an pater was the top level, that both their ordeals were to chose her death by fire or a dagger, that Mithras killed the sacred bull, that Mithras was born from rock, and she tricked them to think that she was born from rock. Then after that she found the home of the weaver Arachne. She tricked her into thinking that she was going to put her work in Mount Olympus and that she needs to enter an audition to get her artwork into Mount Olympus. Then she tricked her into making a giant set of Chinese Handcuffs so that the spider would fit in there. And she tricked her into trapping herself and to her doom.


Never give up even if all the odds are against you