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Families in the Classroom - We Love That!

Thank You For Your Time!

Moms, dads, have we told you recently how much we LOVE having you in our classroom! Well we do, and the extra time that you all have been able to spend either lending a hand or just hanging out has made a big difference in both your child’s life and our our lives together in the Salmonberry Room! When a family member has a few extra minutes to hang out on the couch and read stories in the morning to their kid, but also to the others who squeeze in, it nurtures, calms and strengthens’ our whole community! When you take the time to get to know, not just the names of the children your child spends all of his or her time with, but actually get to know who they are, you’re doing so much to support your child as he or she tries to understand the beauty and power of relationships!

A special “Thank you” goes out to Shannon, Hazel’s mom for helping us get to the Duck Pond each Friday, to Phil, Ina’s dad for being willing to give us his time!

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