Vote for Anthony, the future $20!

Susan B. Anthony

You want reasons!

  1. Susan collected anti-slavery posters at the age of 17! Now that's who deserves to be on the $20, am I right!
  2. She was also part of the very sophisticated Women's Loyal National League which collected nearly 400,000 signatures in support of abolishing slavery. Again talk about $20 material.
  3. Anthony also helped to campaign for equal rights for both herself [woman] and African Americans. She sounds like a fair person for the job. Did you see what I did there? Ha Ha!
  4. Susan B. Anthony's work helped make way for the 19th amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.
  5. Susan sure knew how to break the rules when it came to women, she disobeyed the 14th and 15th amendment by publishing a newspaper called "The Revolution" which talked about the rights of women. Way to go Susan!!!
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Vote for Anthony for the $20, I'm serious