Tony Abbott: Prime Minister

By Zakaya B.

Tony's Life

After a hectic last few days of voting, Australia has decided upon their new Prime Minister. Tony Abbott has been chosen to lead Australia, but will he keep the people of Australia on his side?

Firstly, what do you know about Tony Abbott? One of the things which you may not have known about the new P.M. is that he was a roadscholar at Oxford University, a title given to some of the smartest people in the world, and even did boxing while he was there. He now has three daughters, named Louise, Bridget and Frances. He also was a journalist, worked at a concrete plant and studied to become a catholic priest.

Be may act all caring for the cameras, but even Tony Abbott has a bad side. Mr. Abbott wants to get rid of the Carbon Tax which means that the environment will be destroyed even more. He also wants to stop any and all refugees coming by boat, regardless the fact that they are running from people who want to kill them, poverty, or even war.

Tony Abbott may have won the majority of votes, but will he keep the votes coming to him?