Along The Nile River

Here are some places you MUST see when visiting the Nile.

#1: The Aswan High Dam

The first place I recommend you go to is the Aswan High Dam. This dam is a hydroelectric dam. Some things to know about this dam is It was finished in 1960-1970. Its located on the Nile in Aswan, Egypt. It was made to control floods, protect farmland, and create hydroelectric power. It uses turbines. It doesn't pollute the water but decreases the amount of nutrients in it, decreasing the amount of fish.

#2: Lake Victoria

The second place you MUST go to see is Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the source of the White Nile, found by John Hanning Speke in the 1850's. Lake Victoria is large and shallow. Its location is in Uganda.

#3: Cairo, Egypt

Another place you should visit is Cairo in Egypt. All though the city means pollution, its still major city in Africa. Its the capital of Egypt. Cairo has more than 11 million people! There is high water pressure though.

#4: Lake Tana

The last place I demand you take interest in seeing is Lake Tana. Lake Tana is the main source for the Blue Nile. Its also formed by a run off, but its still fast and powerful. The two people who found this lake are Pedro Paez and James Bruce, though Bruce came after Pedro and took the credit.


Smore By: Cinda Goldsby