Mrs. Pritchard's Class

Science and Social Studies

Science Class Assignments and Upcoming Quizzes/Exams

Science Review

Science STAAR Exam

Wednesday, May 11th, 8am

411 Eagle Spirit Drive

Lindale, TX

Parallel and Series Circuits

Practice creating parallel and series circuits.

The Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle Rap Song
Mr. Lee - Rock Cycle rap
Soil Layers Song
Earth Science

Landforms, Soil, Fossils, Rock Cycle, WED, Igneous Rock, Sedimentary Rock, and Metamorphic Rock

Mr. Lee - Layers of the Earth rap
Mr. Lee - Phases of the Moon rap
Education Galaxy - Science STAAR Review

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Constitution Preamble Recitation

Friday, April 29th, 8am

Mrs. Pritchard's Classroom

Memorize the preamble and then

1. recite to teacher

2. create a video and send to teacher via email

Social Studies Review

Making the Thirteen ColoniesL New Enland States
Thirteen Colonies: the New England Colonies
Life in the Southern Colonies

Interactive site showing the lives of Southern Colonists.

The Middle Passage Slave Trade
The BEST Revolutionary War Rap - With Lyrics
Schoolhouse Rock!: America - The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Online Educational Websites

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Motivation Science

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Pearson (Textbooks)

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Study Island

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Other Useful Websites

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