CHISD to Offer COVID Testing

Voluntary Testing for Scholars & Staff Starts Monday

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CHISD to Offer COVID Testing

Dear Cedar Hill Staff and Families,

Access to accurate COVID tests, with relatively quick results (approximately one day), is very important for any organization that is hoping to limit the spread of the virus.

That is why Cedar Hill Independent School District is proud to partner with Curative, a national lab testing company, to offer COVID tests, starting Monday, September 13.

The COVID testing will be available to all CHISD scholars and staff through winter break at the JoLynn Maddox Teaching & Learning Center, 1533 High Pointe Lane in Cedar Hill.

Testing is NOT required for staff or scholars, but the service is available for those who are interested or in need.

  • The no-cost tests will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, not including holidays.
  • Enter at Door #2 on the east side of the building.
  • COVID testing is free and available for all ages.
  • Parents should accompany their scholars if they are unable to drive themselves to the site or not able to administer the nasal swab test themselves.

Learning you have contracted COVID-19 is never easy, but discovering it earlier can prevent the spread to many others. This is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, as we move toward a safe and healthy future.


Dr. Gerald B. Hudson

Superintendent of Schools

Cedar Hill Independent School District

Shentrell Morris, R.N.

Director of Health Services

Cedar Hill Independent School District

Do Your Part. Protect Yourself from COVID-19

COVID-19 Reminders

The CHISD Health Services Department is reminding all Longhorn scholars, and staff of some important COVID-19 guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

What should you do if you have symptoms for COVID-19?


  • If you think you were exposed to COVID-19 and feel sick with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, you should contact a healthcare provider and screened for COVID-19 testing.

  • Starting Monday September 9, CHISD will offer free COVID tests for all CHISD scholars, faculty and staff at the Maddox Teaching & Learning Center.

  • Follow the CDC's recommendations for what to do if you are sick or think you may be sick with COVID-19.

  • Stay home and only leave if you need medical attention. Seek help from others to get food or medication that you may need but do not allow them to enter your home unless it is absolutely necessary. You may need to order groceries and have delivered.

  • You should also distance yourself from others living in your household as much as possible by maintaining no less than 6 feet apart from them. If possible use a separate sleeping area and bathroom.

    • Wear a mask if you need to be around them and require them to do the same.

    • Maintain good hand hygiene by washing for no less than 20 sec.

    • Use separate utensils. Tips: plasticware

    • Clean all high touched areas in your home to keep from spreading to others.

    • Do not invite others over who do not live in your household.

    • Do not use public transportation.

What should you do if you test positive for COVID-19?

  • If you receive a positive, lab-confirmed test for COVID-19, follow the CDC's recommendations for self-isolation and care.

  • Call and report it to your child's school and employees should complete the COVID reporting form.

CHISD Daily COVID Notifications

There have been questions regarding the daily COVID notifications shared via email from the district's communications department. Please keep in mind:

  1. The reports are NOT a cumulative count.
  2. The district shares the COVID-19 positive cases reported DAILY to the communications department by 3:30pm.
  3. CHISD is not required to sent a daily notification to all families and staff. We have implemented this notification process as another layer of communication and transparency.
  4. All families and staff will receive the notification each school day by 5:30pm.
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