River Basin

What is the name of your river basin?

The Name of our River Basin is the Catawba River.
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Where is the River Basin located in North Carolina?(Headwaters & Mouth)

The River Basin is located in Charlotte and across the border into South Carolina. The HeadWater is Lake Norman and the Mouth is Wateree River.
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How many miles of streams and rivers are included in the Basin?

There are 9,389 miles of streams and rivers in the Catawba Basin.
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How many people live in the Basin?

1,560,563 people live in this Basin.
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Describe the River Basin.

It goes into these five places.

A) Blue Ridge Mountains

Pisgah National forest

Linville Falls

Lake James

Lake Norman

B) A non-point source solution is the sediments for storm water run-off. The sediments from construction run off through the water into the river basin. Next is muddy water. The muddy water clogs it up and makes it have issues to flow through.

C) A point source solution is the runoff of contaminants of eroded soil. It comes off fields and houses into the water. Human and animal wastes is another. The humans drop garbage, and animals use the bathroom, it falls into the water and such, clogging up the water flow process.

D) A solution to these issues is to make sure the construction workers you hire are good with practices to keep out water away from their work.

E) Keeping fertilizer, pesticides, and yard and animal waste out of the streets and storm drains.

Carolina Darter

A fish that swims in this basin.
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Notched Rainbow

Another fish in the basin.
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Edmunds SnakeTail

A Dragonfly that flies at the Catawba.
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Aramus Guarauna

Long-legged wadding birds
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The Cahaba Lily

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Rhododendron Catawbiense

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