Westwood Updates

Week of September 8th - 11th

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This Week's Happenings -

Monday- 9/7/15

Labor Day - Enjoy!

Tuesday- 9/1/15

2:20 Pixar @ Studio 21


2:20 Alt. Eval meeting


Friday- 9/4/15

8:00 Friday Flag

Upcoming Dates to Know

9/15/15 My Connect Tech Tuesday

9/18/15 Staff BBQ

9/15/15 Learning Design Challenge Ends

9/28/15 District Pro. Growth Day

10/3 & 10/4 /15 Maker Faire @Balboa Park

10/13/15 TECH Tuesday - Compass Learing

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MAP Season is Here! Testing Begins This Week!

Just a reminder- please check your time @ Google Doc -

My Connect - Your Online Classroom Portal- Stacey Campo to Help 9/15/15

Hey team.. it's that time of year to get reacquainted with your MyConnect online classroom portal. Here is the link to the online resources. You can print the Parent Letter and give it out at Back-to-School Night

Professional Learning Flex Time Template

We have a e-copy right here for you! Let us know if you have questions.

Mandated Reporter Requirement Due Sept. 20

ALL PUSD employees are required to complete this online training annually. Please click here for directions and the website to access.

What's Up with Lexia?

We have Lexia at least through December. The district uploaded our students last week, so you are ready to go. Please encourage your students to use it at home as well. Additionally, please use Lexia as an intervention tool with any student that you are worried about. The data tracking will help us evaluate the needs.

Let us know how we can help you with this great resource.

College T-Shirt Wednesdays

Show your college spirit by sporting your favorite college shirt each Wednesday.

Friday Flag Sign-Ups

Until we can establish a committee, Friday Flag will require the help of our Westwood super teachers , students, and staff. Please click open here and sign up where you can contribute or where you can specifically assign a student. All additions need to be included by Wednesday of that week. Thank You!

Tech Tuesday- MyConnect Support with Stacey Campos

Need a refresher on building and updating your MyConnect? Stacey Campos will be here Tuesday, September 15th at 2:20 to provide assistance. Please RSVP here

Innovate ~*~ Design ~*~ Create

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Inspiring Resources

Jump into worldwide learning with the Oreo - Our Really Exciting Online Really project

Classrooms around the world are invited to participate.
Classrooms will need to have each student stack oreo® cookies as high
as he or she can and then average all their individual results to achieve a final Class result.

Click here to learn more!

Project Dates:
September 14 to October 16, 2015

Monarch Migration Global PBL - Begins NOW

Journey North connects students with global learning experiences that integrate math, science, and language arts.
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Got Play?

Why young kids need less class time and more play time—at school. Check out the research that supports exploring through play. Yes, it fuels the imagination and creativity. It also gives our wiggle worms a chance to refuel!

Computer Lab Resources

Check out these tools - Thanks Tech Teammie for sharing a resource called a 3x3


Alicia would like to share GeoGuessr, a game she made for her kids to play to find out 5 places she went this summer. It's a good lesson in what do you notice and finding clues (that can relate back to close reading, science, math, etc, whatever you want to attach it to.) Other ideas include using it for a novel or Social Studies unit.

You can make your own GeoGuessr game and then share the URL on your MyConnect or save in your booksmarks to play together.

30 Day Classroom Design Challenge! - Ends September 25th

It's almost time to showcase your transformations. You will be able to upload your pictures and share your discussions on our Westood Professional Learning My Connect site under Design Challenges.

The following resources will help you dive into the influence space has on students!

The Power of Third Places

Six Keys to a Classroom Makeover

The challenge is on! Get inspired by clicking here.

Get Inspired here

8 Tips from Edutopia here

***** New resource to peruse! http://all4ed.org/six-keys-to-a-classroom-makeover/#.VdAGWBbdnmI.twitter

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Game of the Month is BACK!!

Ms. I will launch our first Game of the Month on Wednesday 8/26/15 out on the field. Please watch this short Voki with your class and encourage them to join the fun!
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From LSS

ELA/ELD Resources Framework On Line

Just released - click http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/rl/cf/ to access the framework of standards, instructional strategies, and suggestions for professional development.

September is National Attendance Awareness Month

SEPTEMBER –ATTENDANCE AWARENESS MONTH: To commemorate September as Attendance Awareness Month, the California Department of Education (CDE), in collaboration with Attendance Works, is sharing resources to address the attendance crisis that is impacting school-aged children and youth in our communities.

Please share the attached English and Spanish infographics with your families in your newsletters. We want our WW community to understand the importance of attendance.

If you need additional information or have questions about attendance, please contact David Kopperud, Education Programs Consultant, with the CDE at dkopperud@cde.ca.gov or 916-323-1028

Remember that sporadic attendance, tardiness, and chronic truancy or absenteeism are not always intentional. Unidentified and untreated mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, victimization, family problems, and learning disabilities can be a root cause of chronic absenteeism. It is critical that parents and school personnel identify and intervene early to address mental health needs.