Woman's Rights and Discrimination

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Discrimination Percentage Against Woman 1970-1999 Trying to Get Executive Jobs

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This chart shows the changes from 1970 to 1999 of how hard it was for woman to get executive positions. Some people thought that women weren't good at decision making and that they weren't fit for the job. That is a reason why most woman couldn't get an executive job. As the years went on men became more flexible with hiring women for executive positions.

Ways discrimination against woman has shaped America.

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The 1960's through 1980's saw major changes where gender based employment and pay discrimination was eliminated. The percentage of married women and women with children in the work force changed substantially since the year 1950. In the chart above it displays how married woman have become more involved in labor since the year 1900.

How are Woman Treated Differently Today?

A lot of woman are stereo typed. For example they are stereo typed as bad drivers. In Saudi Arabia women protest their rights to drive. In some countries women are not allowed to leave the country unless they have their husbands permission. Another example is that woman should be the house cook.

Woman in Marriage.

In South Asia and Africa women are usually married at the age of 18. People believe that is a violation of human kind because women don't have the choice to marry who they want in those areas.

Racial incident at Harvard University

The President of Harvard immediately taped over the portraits of the black professors. This type of racial hatred is against our most fundamental values and respect for others.
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Racial Discrimination

On March 21, it is racial discrimination elimination day world wide. Through out the world there is still small markings of discrimination. Throughout the world on March 21, people celebrate racial discrimination elimination day in numerous ways. Some ways is giving a speech to speak the importance of this date and to show that these times are not forgotten.

Major Events in Women History

In 1923 the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced into congress. During World War II women went to work for the first time while men go to war. In 1942 women branches were established into the military. In 1942 women allowed to be juries.

Women Activist

Susan B. Anthony was raised in a family that believed that people should work, study, and live as equals. She was a temperance activist in Rochester, New York before she joined the campaign for woman suffrage. She started a campaign for the expansion of married women's property rights. She also joined the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Rosa Parks was an african american who fought for her rights.

Why are people judged?

Well sometimes people try and judge people they don't really know. They do this because of many different reasons. Some reasons might be that they're jealous of them. They might not have as much money as that person or might not be as good at sports as that person. Just like everything else in life people make mistakes.
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Real Life Scenario

When I was in middle school there was this one person who always tried to make you mess up when playing a sport. He would shout when you went for a shot. I believe he did this so he didn't look as bad as other people at the sport.

Woman Vs. Men Sports

Some of the biggest sports are mainly watched for one gender. Soccer for example is a huge world wide sport. But, for some reason soccer is more popular for the male gender. Some people say that men are more physical and are stronger which makes it more entertaining.
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The game FiFa has been around since 1993. Up until now they have never had woman teams in the game. Could that be considered women discrimination? Possibly, but if that was a problem it seems they fixed that this year.
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Connections to the Novel

Jolly is left to care for the children by her self while the fathers left and moved on with his life. Is that discrimination that Jolly is left with the responsibility? Jolly has to pay babysitters when shes working to take care of her children. If Jolly is working to pay the babysitters then she isn't making any money to pay for food and supplies. Is that Jolly's fault that she gets fired from her job or is it discrimination?