Johnson's plan

Austin (Rockin') Rose


Johnson intended to reconstruct the Union by following Lincoln's plan. He made his own changes however.

Freedmen's Bureau

The Freedmen's Bureau was established on March 3, 1865, to help the 4 million freed slaves, and poor whites get a job and reenter the work class. The Bureau provided food and water as well as established schools. It was faced with opposition, as the war was over, and many felt that there were bigger matters to deal with.

Civil Right's Act 1866

The Bill proposed by Andrew Johnson said that everyone born in the United States would be a citizen, however this would not apply to the Native Americans (Indians). The bill would be rejected by congress.

Black Codes

Black Codes applied to anyone 1/8 negro, or anyone of color.

They were now allowed to hold property.

However, they could be contracted to white masters, and they would be servants.

White masters could still legally whip anyone who fell under the Black Codes, they could also enforce minor punishments.


I believe that Andrew Johnson's bills and propositions were irrational and not thought out. He seemed to act before he considered the details. He was bold and practical but, not in the best interest.