Correia Middle School News

September 11, 2022

CIMA Parent Meeting - Tuesday, September 13, 6:00pm

CIMA will be hosting a Mandatory Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 13th in the Correia Auditorium. Please plan on joining us as we will be providing information about Concerts, Fieldtrips, Uniforms, Fundraising, Volunteer Opportunities, and much more. Attending this meeting will be important in helping you navigate the busy year ahead.

Thank You!

Marc Dwyer

Music Director

Last Call for Nominees for the Correia School Site Council and Governance Team

Last call for nominees for the Correia SSC and SGT. The nomination deadline is Monday, September 12th at 5:00 PM. Ballots will be distributed on Tuesday, September 13th with a deadline of Thursday, September 15th.

What are the SSC and SGT?

The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for the following tasks; review school and student performance data, establish/review school goals, monitor implementation of the site plan for student achievement, develop/oversee the parent involvement policy and home school compact and annually approve and recommend the SPSA to the SDUSD Board of Education for approval (categorical budget and school goals).

The Site Governance Team (SGT) ensures shared decision-making occurs on instructional programs including; changes in the school’s subject emphasis, school-wide student discipline plan, site security plan, and multiple-site assignments for applicable programs.

Our SSC and SGT meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

We look for a two-year commitment for new members. This year we are in need of three additional members.

If you are interested in joining our Correia SSC/SGT please fill out the nomination form.

Update Re: After School Athletics

See below for an informational letter distributed to families by the SDUSD Athletics Department regarding changes to the SDUSD after-school athletics program. For more information, please feel free to contact Lonnie Jones - Coordinator, SDUSD Middle School Athletics, at 619-725-7440 or

Click here for information letter.

Call Ahead When Picking Up Student Early

Parents frequently are in a rush when they arrive on campus to pick up their children early from school. It will take time for your child to make their way from their classroom, and even longer if retrieving students from Physical Education. We encourage parents to plan accordingly OR call ahead if they are picking up their child. Please call the front office at 619-560-4809. NOTE: Parents picking up their child during the middle of lunch recess can expect a delay as we locate their child at the lunch court or on the field.

Peninsula Surf Teams 2022-2023 School Announcement

Peninsula Surf Teams 2022-2023 School Announcement

The Peninsula Surf Teams 2022-2023 Season will begin the week of Sept. 12th. Our program will consist of two competitive teams that will participate in the upcoming Scholastic Surf Series season and is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Professional coaching and training will be provided to the two separate teams, with weekly practices and 5 competitions throughout the year. This year we will offer enrollment for two team programs. The division I group will be an advanced team for surfers with competitive experience. Our division II team will be developmental and for surfers wanting to enter competitive events. Practice and competition schedules for both our division I and division II teams will be available upon request. For more information contact Lizzie at


Curriculum Night is Thursday, September 22, 2022, from 5:00 PM to 6:40.

MINIMUM DAY -Thursday, September 22

Students will dismiss at 1:05. Please make sure you make the necessary arrangements to pick up your student on time.

Help Needed with LCFF Forms

Similar Size Schools in SDUSD Receive 14x More Funding Than Correia Middle, as well as PLHS & Dana...Why?

The answer is related to Title 1 rankings. As you may already know, Free and Reduced Price Meal (FRPM) status is used to designate Title I rankings within the district. Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) data collection affects Title I Eligibility/Ranking, and the higher the collection rate, the more funding individual school sites will receive.

Please help Correia Middle and our PL feeder schools! The collection of LCFF data has moved to an electronic collection process. Parents can visit the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access the electronic LCFF Form. We are hopeful this process will allow families to provide the information needed to properly fund Correia Middle in a timely and more efficient manner.

The data you enter will not affect your child receiving free meals at this school as all children will have free access to meals this school year. The LCFF online form is available on the Parent Portal, and NOT on the student’s portal.

Learn how to create a PowerSchool Parent Portal today!

Visit LCFF Message

Military Family Life Counselor

Dear Military Families,

We want to inform you of a valuable resource provided by the Department of Defense. Due to the unique challenges military members face and the impact they have on families, the Office of Military Community and Family Policy provides Child and Youth Behavioral Military Family Life Counselors (CYB-MFLCs). CYB-MFLCs have advanced degrees (masters or doctoral-level) in the mental health field and specialized training in child and youth development. They support the needs of children and families by partnering with parents, faculty, counselors, and staff to foster healthy growth and social skill development. MFLCs provide a number of services including meeting one-on-one or in groups. A signed parent acknowledgment form is required for your child’s participation. Please see the attached form for more detailed information.

Fei Tanaka, MA, LMFT

Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program


There has been an increased numbers in student deliveries. We understand there are some emergencies, but we ask that you and your student plan ahead of time to get lunches, waters and P.E. Clothes situated. Our Classroom teachers greatly appreciate it.


September 20 - FODAC Meeting @ 6:00 PM

September 22 - Curriculum Night

October 18-Picture Make-Up Day