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February 20, 2020

Case 21 --Part B is here! Predictable Schedule is on hiatus!

We know our kids do well with predictability. We also know that when schedules are not normal our students get a bit off kilter. Next week is going to be the first week long change in schedule for the entire building to accomidate the Case 21 assessment for grades 3-5. Quoting, Ms. Sheppard, "If it is predictable, it is preventable." To translate that for next week, "If we can predict that our students will struggle with a change in schedule and for some being tested for 5 days straight, then we can put things in place to prevent some of the behaviors that arise when we are not our predicable selves." Here are some ideas to help your students next week:

  • Post a visual schedule for next week and go over it in the morning with students. Provide "warnings" when you are about to transition so students are prepared when things change to something they are not used to.
  • Talk about change in circles. Being calm and successful on a day when your normal routine is different and feels uncomfortable.
  • Reflect with students at the end of the day, a closing circle, to discuss what success student's felt because the day had a different order.
  • For those testing, having conversations about student's need to persevere. Strategies to preserver and not give up could also be good circle topics. Possibly circling at the break between sessions to ask the question, "What strategy/self talk are you using to get ready to do your best on the second part of this test".
  • Have students write positive thoughts or encouraging statements on slips of paper and put them in a bag or box at the beginning of the week. Either when a student needs an encouraging word have them pull a slip from the bag, or have all students pull a slip from the bag at the beginning of the day. The encouraging word from a peer might help to keep kids on task and focused to do their best.

Below are also two videos that could be played to help encourage perseverance. This assessment is hopefully going to yield data that can strategically enhance our instruction, grouping, and focus from now until TNReady. (Finding Nemo Video--total winner)

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Testing schedule for next week

The link below will lead you to our testing schedule that Leigh Anne shared with you earlier this week. Please note, this might be a fluid document as we get into testing and get last minute updates from Michael Hubbard. All updates or any changes will be noted on the first page of the attached link.

KCS Foundation Focus Grants

Did you know there was a Kingsport City Schools Foundation? The Foundation is seeking to give money away!!!

The primary goal of the Kingsport City Schools Education Foundation is to provide funding for innovative projects that reach beyond the scope of the school system's regular operating budget. To that end, we will award Focus Grants to teachers seeking funding for their creative ideas and educational tools that will enhance the Kingsport City School system's standard curriculum.

Focus grants are small grants (under $500.00) for teachers (or teaching teams) focused on classroom programs or projects. Up to $4,000 is available annually. Grant applications are accepted any time throughout the school year (August through May). The Education Foundation aims to respond to each grant request within two weeks of receipt of each application.

The goal of the Focus Grant program is to provide funding for educational projects or program opportunities (when other funding sources are not available) that arise anytime during the school year. These educational projects and programs are typically somewhat smaller and less costly but have a broad impact. Focus Grant requests will be accepted and considered throughout the school year, as long as funds are available.

How To Apply

  1. Prepare a title page which includes your name, your principal's name, the name of your school, the name of your project, and the amount of funding you are requesting.
  2. Provide a brief narrative summarizing your project and the need the project addresses. Include mention of your project's specific educational goals and objectives. Briefly explain how you plan to implement your project and measure its success.
  3. Include a budget. Please indicate if partial funding is an option.
  4. Include any additional information such as photos, or price comparisons, etc., if you think doing so would be beneficial to the committee members as they review your request.
  5. Save your Focus Grant request as a PDF, make sure your principal has approved your request, and then email it to:

2020 Niswonger School Success Symposium

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Missing Contact Info for Miss Kingsport

If you are interested in the following, her contact information is below. Unknowingly it was left off of last week's Local Buzz:

Hi everyone! As you may know, my social initiative for Miss Kingsport is Read to Lead. With that being said, I am trying to get in touch with those that may need my help.

I will be getting in touch with those that reply about any help I can provide with book donations for classrooms or anything along those lines. I would also love to come read to as many classes as I can, preferably to younger children as I hope to show them that reading is fun! I hope to reach a wide number of schools before state testing begins, so please do not hesitate to reply so that I may reach out to you!

Thank you all so much for helping me reach as many children as I can,

Taylor Hubbard, Miss Kingsport

Week at a Glance

Monday, Feb 24

  • Case 21 Testing-- Please see schedule linked above
  • Faculty Meeting 3:40-5:00--Library

Tuesday, Feb 25

  • PLC-ELA--Various Grade Level Planning Times.
  • Spark 3:30-5:00--Gym.
  • Case 21 Testing-- Please see schedule linked above

Wednesday, Feb 26

  • Case 21 Testing-- Please see schedule linked above
  • PLC-Math--Various Grade Level Planning Times

Thursday, Feb 27

  • Case 21 Testing-- Please see schedule linked above

Friday, Feb 28

  • Case 21 Testing-- Please see schedule linked above
  • Spark--3:30-5:00--Gym

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