Blind Love

Helena's progression over time

Theme: Love is blind and hasty, and makes poor decisions

Shakespeare portrays lovers as crazy in A Midsummer NIght's Dream. They're either running away for their love, betraying their friends, kissing a donkey's head, or making dogs bark for each other. None of them are very normal, and most of the relationships in the play only work out by the use of magic. Helena is a great example of this theme, and is arguably the biggest one. She loves a man who loves another woman and hates her. He literally says that looking at her makes him sick, and he treats her like garbage. Still, though, she keeps following him, and says that even if he killed her, it would be awesome because she would be killed by her love. That's just crazy. Her love is blinding her.
Be Mine - Robyn

Track One: Be Mine by Robyn

Helena would probably listen to this at the beginning, when she enters the play because this is mostly when she's thinking about how Demetrius just won't love her. Helena is talking to Hermia about how envious she is of her beauty, and the fact that Demetrius loves her so much. She would definitely direct the emotions of this song towards Demetrius, because she doesn't really love anyone else. Also because no one else treats her like this. Plus, at one part it says "You had your arm around what's-her-name". That's probably what Helena feels about Demetrius' love for Hermia. This song would make Helena believe more that love causes bad and sorrowful things to happen. It talks about how a girl loves someone but he won't notice her in the way she wants him to. This is exactly the way Demetrius treats Helena, so she wouldn't have much trouble understanding what this song means and what it's trying to say.
Nick Jonas - Jealous (Lyrics)

Jealous by Nick Jonas

Helena would listen to this while talking to Hermia about how Demetrius loves her and not Helena. Even though this song is about jealousy inside of a relationship, it still sort of fits because this is how Helena feels about Hermia stealing Demetrius from her, except that it's already happened, unlike in the song where he's just warning her. Helena would direct the song's sentiments to Hermia and a little to Demetrius because she's talking about him with Hermia. Helena feels so jealous of Hermia, even though she and Demetrius aren't in a relationship. So Helena would feel envious that love is only blinding for some people, and not for others.
Tell Me Why - Taylor Swift [With Lyrics]

Track Two: Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift

Helena would listen to this either right after Demetrius leaves her when he sees Hermia ("Before Demetrius ever saw Hermia, he showered me with promises and swore he’d be mine forever. But when he got all hot and bothered over Hermia, his promises melted away.) or while she's thinking back on when that happened. I say the second possibility because technically, even though it is mentioned in the play, this never happens on stage. Helena would direct the emotions of this song to Demetrius, because just as the song says, "you tell me that you want me, then push me around". Demetrius promised Helena he'd be hers forever. It's obvious from the rest of the play that this had been a lie. This song would make Helena interpret love as something that ruins your life and makes you vulnerable to others. It says things about the person you love being mean to you and knowing that they're doing it.
Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Grenade by Bruno Mars

Helena would listen to this song right after telling Demetrius that Hermia and Lysander are running away. Helena would really do anything for Demetrius, even betray her friends. Helena would direct this song to Demetrius because, just as the song says, he wouldn't do the same for her. Helena would sacrifice her dear friend for Demetrius, but as soon as he heard about where Hermia was, he went off. He probably didn't even thank Helena! The thing that Helena would mostly get from this song is that part: Demetrius wouldn't do the same for her. Love would look completely blind and also unforgiving. It would look like something that used you when it needed you, then threw you away when it didn't need you anymore.
All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart Lyrics

Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low

Helena would listen to this song when following Demetrius in the woods. Demetrius is completely ignoring Helena's pleas, and doesn't care at all about what she wants. In fact, if she were physically hurt, I wouldn't be surprised if he did laugh. Helena would direct this song's emotions to Demetrius, but maybe also to Lysander and Hermia because later in the play they were teasing her and being mean to her. She would expect them to laugh. Helena would start to hate love once she heard this song. It tells about how cruel someone can be to the person who loves them.
Your Call - Secondhand Serenade Lyrics

Your Call by Secondhand Serenade

Helena would listen to this song when Demetrius leaves her in the woods, alone. I believe this mostly because of the "and I'm tired of being all alone and this solitary moment makes me want to come back home" part. She would feel really tired and frustrated about the fact that Demetrius won't do anything but leave her all alone, and about the fact that he doesn't care when she tells him she loves him. Helena would direct the sentiments of this to Demetrius, because he's the one who's always leaving her alone and who doesn't care about the fact that he does that. He is also the only one who Helena could talk about like this "every breath that you will take when you are sitting next to me will bring life to my deepest hopes". This would most likely make Helena think of love as being not only blind and hasty, but beautiful. However it would only seem beautiful for the one who is doing the loving.
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Glow White Lyrics)

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Helena would listen to Wrecking Ball after Demetrius starts to love her because of the magic flower juice. She is really angry and upset that he would tease her like this (even though he's actually not), and so she would definitely be able to relate to the feelings of this song. Helena would not just direct this song's emotions to Demetrius. Lysander and Hermia were also teasing her, and the feelings of frustration and sadness from Wrecking Ball ("all you ever did was wreck me", "all I wanted was to break your walls") would be felt toward them too. They were betraying her friendship and trust. This song would make Helena believe that the decisions love makes will make you incredibly sad, angry and hurt.
Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson (with lyrics)

Complicated by Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Helena would listen to this when Demetrius starts to love her because of the magic flower. She can't understand, and so she just can't decide whether to hold him close or push him away. It's very hard on her and confusing. She would only direct this to Demetrius. No one else would make her feel so mixed up inside, because she doesn't care about other people as much. Helena, after listening to this, would believe that not only is love blind but also that it's confusing and very complicated.
Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan w/lyrics

Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan

Helena would listen to this song while everyone is teasing her. She would feel really down and hurt inside. The line "to be kicked when you're down" is exactly what is happening to Helena (or at least that's what she thinks). She was already miserable from Demetrius' hate for her, and now everyone was ganging up on her and teasing her. Helena would direct this song's meanings to Demetrius, Hermia, and Lysander. They are all pushing her around and she feels like she wants to run away. But she can't because she's too in love with Demetrius. This song would make Helena think more that love is blind because the reason all of this bullying is happening to her is because of her love for Demetrius. Her love won't let her leave.
At Last - Etta James with lyrics on screen.flv

At Last by Etta James

Helena would listen to At Last after she wakes up and find that Demetrius loves her. The thing that she had been hoping for the whole time had finally happened, and this song really captures the joy Helena would feel. She would direct these sentiments to Demetrius, but also to Lysander and Hermia, because they too got what they wanted and she is happy for them. Helena would start to think that even if love is blind, hasty, and that it makes poor decisions, it will all work out in the end.