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Sunday 31st July Newsletter

ACCA Results released on Saturday 1st August

Good luck to all Phoenix students expecting their ACCA results this weekend. We are sure all your hard work over the last few months will pay off any you will all get fantastic results! Last sitting we had xx students finish their ACCA course and become affiliates. We asked some students this sitting how they plan to celebrate once they get their results.

xx a student who has studied with Phoenix for 3 years says 'I will be celebrating with my family, and will be having a huge party!'

xx has completed all ACCA exams as a Phoenix students and told us, 'I can't wait to get my results and become an ACCA affiliate and I will be celebrating with friends.'

xx joined Phoenix after completing her Accounting and Finance Degree and says 'After doing a 3 year degree program I studied ACCA for 1 1/2 years so will be very happy to finish. I am going to celebrate by having a summer vacation with friends and then will look for a full time job afterwards.

Anyone who still has exams left to complete please remember that booking is open now on the Phoenix website for the next session,

Good luck to all Phoenix students.

What are my options after completing the ACCA qualification?

If you are coming to the end of your ACCA course at Phoenix or just wondering what the next step could be, look no further as we can help you with options for further study below.

"I want to work as an accountant but in industry"

Then the CIMA top up course is for you. If you are an ACCA affiliate then you would just need to complete 5 additional CIMA exams and a few additional work experience objectives in order to become CIMA qualified. Email James on for full details.

"I want to increase my knowledge of audit, tax and financial reporting"

Consider the ICAEW top-up course. As an ACCA affiliate or member (and depending on your ACCA option papers) you may only need to complete 3 additional ICAEW exams + work experience to become ICAEW qualified. ICAEW is a fantastic qualification to hold if you are looking to work in the UK and is also well recognised in this region. Email Kim on for further details,

"I don't hold a University Degree but would like to in order to increase my employability"

The Oxford Brookes Applied Accounting degree would be a good option for you. Phoenix runs mentoring for teh Degree project twice a year (in February and September). If you have completed up to paper F9 (or even completed all your ACCA exams) you are eligible to complete the project and gain your BSc Degree in Applied Accounting from the Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Email for the full information.

And...if you haven't yet begun your accounting journey with Phoenix please take a look on our website now for full course information for all upcoming classes.

Accounting tip of the month

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Dates to remember

August 16th - ACCA Classes begin (check timetables for your specific classes)

September 1st - Enrol for Oxford Brookes mentoring program (dates available on our website)

September 8th - ACCA early entry exam deadline

September 16th - Phoenix Financial Training attending Our Own High School careers fair

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