By Ryan Teichman

The Start of Cloning

Cloning started in February 1997 when an embryologist, Ian Wilmut with help, were able to clone a lamb. The lamb, named Dolly, became the 1st cloning successful. This started a wonder to what could we do.
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Basic Cloning

Cloning is now a possibility after the first clone. Cloning begins with the transfer of DNA. The embryo takes a while to develop.

My Survey

In my results, not much people know much about cloning. Also, people would rather not have cloning. Secondly, people rather not have human clones. My results say that most people think that cloning will only go 5-10 years into the future and not in their regular life. They are not the future facts though.

Survey (Desciption)

I surveyed 100 people at McAnally Intermediate school. The kids taking it were 11-13 year olds.
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People would rather not have cloning in life.

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