Shark finning in costa rica

By Trevor Hoek and Nathan Morales-Sheldon

How does shark finning have a impact on the population

It affects the population when fisherman go out to sea and use cheap hooks to capture sharks and cut off their fins. over the past years humans have killed more sharks, than sharks have killed humans. Demand for shark fins have rocketed over the years and this is why they are becoming extinct.

illegal importing and exporting of fins

They have passed a law that the shark fins have to be naturally attached. So the fisherman found a new way to get shark fins. they left the fins attached to the spine and dumped the rest in the ocean. Fisherman are exporting about 7 times more fins than they are allowed to. The Cruz dock and harezen dock ship 95% of all catches illegally to Hong kong

laws and population increase

Laws have passed by that shark fins can not be exported or unloaded on a ship. During a trial a judge named chaves said "With this reasoning the judge is permitting ships to arrive to shore with shark fins,” Chaves said. “As long as they do not unload them, it means they have not committed a crime.” now sharks are starting to increase in population.

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Shark Academy: Shark Finning