Westminster Abbey

Ashnah Samuel


Westminster Abbey is located in the middle of London, England at the address 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom.


Westminster Abbey is a gothic styled cathedral that contains the medieval shrine of an Anglo-Saxon saint in the center of the building. Westminster Abbey is known for containing the graves of over 3,000 people and for over a thousand years has been the site of the coronations and the mausoleum of kings, queens, and eminent citizens. Generally, the weather around this area is mostly rainy and cloudy.

Human - Environmental Interaction

Westminster Abbey has been constructed and renovated many times over the centuries. For example, between the years 1042 and 1052, King Edward the Confessor began to rebuild the St. Peter's Abbey, as it was previously known, in order to make a royal burial church. In the year 1245, Henry III began to construct the present church because he had chosen it as the site for his burial. The Abbey also received two new towers on either side of its original design in the years 1722-45.


Movement has been achieved through the media. Over 16 royal weddings have been held in this Cathedral, along with the funeral of the late Princess Diana of Wales. Many across the world tuned into see these events on their television sets, seeing Westminster Abbey in the background.


Westminster Abbey is located in the center of London, in the southern area of England.