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Week of January 25th

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Our informational unit continues with studying how nonfiction texts are structured. We will look at the features of descriptive, chronological order, and compare/contrast. Given a text, students will need to identify the structure that was used to organize the writing.


The students have come up with some pretty great claims and reasons for their persuasive letters. Now we are working on providing evidence to support their reasons. After gathering evidence from our personal lives, our own knowledge, and other's lives, we will begin organizing and drafting the letters.


While focusing on measurement, students will learn the metric system and conversion chart. They will also relate the prefixes of the units of measurement to make sense of the actual size. We will also begin looking at measurement in the form of time.

Social Studies:

The class has really shown an interest in studying immigration groups that have moved to the United States. This week we will analyze photographs, noticing how people traveled and what they brought with them. Students will also take an interactive tour of Ellis Island using the Chromebooks.


This week we will begin our Energy Unit. We will discuss the transfer of energy and the forms in which energy can be found. Students will participate in a scavenger hunt to find different forms of energy found in the classroom.

Identifying the Push & Pull Factors of Immigration Groups

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Teacher Notes

The 2nd visit to the Royal Oak Public Library was a success! I just love how much our students get excited about books! Thank you to the parents that were able to spend the afternoon with us!

I will place the Scholastic Book Oder by Saturday, January 29th. Ordering online at Scholastic Reading Club allows you to search all catalogs and titles that Scholastic carries. Our online code is FTVRF.

Great Kindness Challenge: This week students across the Royal Oak School District will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. Your child received a flyer home on Friday that gives many examples of passing on kindness. This is a great opportunity to promote positive character building and show our children how to treat everyone with kindness. Even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way! I will also be focusing on random acts of kindness in the classroom. We will talk about small ways that we can show kindness to those around us at school. I will be giving students the responsibility of recognizing those acts and recording them on a slip, "___________ has been spotted performing a random act of kindness." These slips will be posted outside of our classroom for all to see. Creating a positive classroom environment is so very important to me...therefore I will use this Great Kindness Challenge week to start the challenge that I would like to continue throughout the rest of the school year. Kindness is contagious and makes all participants involved feel good!!

The Common Core Standards for math are rigorous, and the methods that are taught today can be quite different from what we learned when we were in school. The following is a link where you can find all of the homework pages (this comes in handy if your child forgets their homework at school). There is also a link for the answers that go along with each homework assignment. Hopefully this can help with some of the difficulty/frustration that you may run into as you support your child with their homework.

Math Homework Pages

Math Homework Pages - Answers

Dates to Remember

Record's Day/No School - January 29th

Late Starts - February 3rd, February 10th