By:Austin Sowers Book by:Frank Cottrell Boyce


There are two kids there names are Damian, Jake, and they got a million dollers by accident. There were some bank robbers who stole the money but the kids found it and they were spending it on a house. they asked if instead of paying a mortgage if they could just pay all of it at ounce they said they could they didn't know that was one of the bank robbers. So this story is about the kids who got a million dollers and they had to spend it before the robbers found them,
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Damian, Jake, and jake's dad he finds the money and instead of spending on himself Damian tryed to buy a house for his family to live in. so kind is one of his traits brave because he is never really scared of the bank robbers ever in the book.leadership he likes telling them what they are going to spend there money on. Jake is more of a follower he does almost anything that damian tell s him to do concerned he worrys all the time about the bank robbers and that they are going to find him. proud because he helped find the money in the first place.he wanted to spend his money on more fun things throught the entire book.

man vs. man

There are fighting the bandits who stole the money first from the bank and the robbers are trying to find them.