The Survival Guide to The New World

By: Clayton Patnode

Let's get Started.

Hello my name is Clayton Patnode, and if your reading this information Piero, you are deciding to come to the promised land, America. Coming to America might seem a little overwhelming at first, it was for me at least, and your coming for the freedom of want, and freedom of create will be worth your journey. I made a brochure to help you on journey to the promise land. I have written six simple steps for you to follow.

Step Number 1 What to Pack.

What to Pack, and Not to Pack

Since you can only pack 1 suitcase you will need the following:

* Bring enough clothes for at least two weeks. Bring more than enough underwear.

* Bring what money you can, enough to last until you find work.

* Bring a blanket to use for sleeping or if you get cold.

* Pack a picture of your family

*** Medicine Tip: if you do take medicine, throw it off the boat before you make it to the island because if you have it with you, it could risk your chance of staying.

* Bring any important information such as your birth certificate and identification. If your medical record is clear, pack it also.

* If you have extra room, bring a book or something to keep you busy.

**** Pack ONLY what you will NEED!

What to Expect on The Boat

The Boat Ride Stinks Literally.

Be prepared to jump on the boat at any time. Be aware that you will be surrounded with nauseating smells. You will eventually get used to them, but find your spot or so-called area, and stay there. Do not move and make your ground. Be very watchful, keeping your eyes open because there will be people stealing. Place your money inside your shoe. If you fall asleep, you will know your money will be safe. Stay as far away from anyone who gets sick or appears to be sick. I know you will want to help them, but don't. You could get what they have and if you get sick, this could effect your chance in getting in America. Keep remembering why you are making this journey. Good Luck!!!!

Ellis Island The Things to do, and The Steps of The Process.

This is Going to Be The End or The Begining

Tip: If you're going on the island and have to take special medications, throw it board.

Stage 1 People on Ellis Island will be telling you to get off and start your experience You may want to try to be in 1st class because it takes a very long time to get on the island and hours of waiting.

Stage 2 A place to put your baggage, so if you do make it, you can get it back, and if you don't make it, you will have it to go back home.

Stage 3 You will be told to go up some stairs to the next test. Don't be off guard because the stairs are really to see if people can go up the stairs without getting out of breath. They are taking notes as to who is healthy and who is not. Do not panic!

Stage 4 Officials will be here to put people in lines. Some will be put in lines who can move forward, and others will be placed in lines who are delayed for one reason or another. They basically put you in a line to check the medical and legal inspections.

Stage 5 Health is checked and only the most fit are allowed to stay. Be healthy!

Stage 6 Stand up straight and try to relax. Notes are taken on everything. Try to look healthy as possible.

Stage 7 Officials make sure your profile is good so that you are not illegal. Make sure you don't get arrested before you come because they will check your criminal record. You will be asked 24 easy questions. Please take your time when answering them. They will ask you if are you married, when were you born, etc.

Stage 8 If you are hurt or need medical attention, you will go to the island's hospital .

Stage 9 You will go up more stairs. If you make it, then you go to the left or right, depending where you want to go in the world. If you don't make it, prepare yourself to be in a bumpy ride as you go down the middle to leave the island. If you do make it people around your area will be directing you where to go.

stage 10 Hopefully, you made it to the kissing post because you're now an American citizen. It is called the kissing post because everyone gets exited and starts kissing everyone. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Start to Prepare

I would get ready for a really emotional experience this will not be easy, but please try to harden up because this is not going to be easy. It will be worth it when you do become an american citizen.


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