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The Role of a School Counselor: Services a School Counselor Provides

Whole Group Services

Classroom lessons are presented to Halstead students in grades Pre K-5. The lessons presented center on ASCA's (American School Counselor Association) domains: Academic, Personal, Social/Emotional, & Career. The direction of the classroom lessons are also based on the use of observational data provided by Halstead teachers, the administrative team, & staff members. Behavioral data reported through our STARS program can also determine the focus of the lessons presented each month.

Small Group Services

Through teacher & parent referrals, students who demonstrate a need for more intensive counseling can receive small group intervention services. Small groups can focus on topics such as friendship, self-esteem, organization, peer conflict, & managing stress to name a few. In small groups, students have an opportunity to learn from each other, receive feedback, gain new insight, & practice & apply new skills.

Individual Services

During individual counseling, the student & I will work collaboratively on an issue and/or topic of interest to bring about a desired change of behavior, or thinking. In this process there are phases in which the student & I will work. These phases include exploration, understanding, & action.


Collaboration with Halstead families, teachers, staff members, administrative personnel, & community agencies will be a critical component to ensure the success of our students. As Halstead's new school counselor, I will actively partner with our many stakeholders, so that as a team we are able to develop & implement interventions that will bring out the best in our students.

Important Information

Confidentiality & the Limits of Confidentiality

To ensure an effective helping relationship between the student and the counselor, our students must feel that what they share with me will be kept private & confidential. Confidentiality means that as the school counselor I do not disclose information a student shares with me unless the student, A) grants permission to disclose information, B) threatens to harm her/himself, or C) is in imminent danger. I will provide updates about our progress during counseling sessions, but not specific details about what we have discussed.


Building Relationships

Building upon the trusted relationships I have formed with Halstead's students, families, & community members as a teacher, is something that is very important to me in my new role as Halstead's school counselor. Continuing these established partnerships & creating new partnerships is something I am looking forward in this 2014-2015 school year & beyond.