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May Newsletter 2021

Principal Bailey's Blog

Dear Parents:

This has truly been a year of different and of change. It is hard to believe May is already here. We still have 3 solid weeks of school. Even in these COVID times, they will be busy as always.

May 3rd-7th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Spring Hill staff are often working late in the evening and or on weekends. We have such a wonderful group of professionals, please take the time to say “thank you” before the end of the year.

As the daylight continues to increase, please try to make sure your child/ren are getting bed early. Our academic and behavioral expectations remain high and this can be difficult for a student who has not been getting enough sleep.

It has been an unforgettable year. Your continued support throughout the year, has truly been appreciated. We thank you for partnering with us to help make this year successful. Although we are beginning to wind down, I look forward to a strong finish. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer, continue to make memories that last a lifetime.


Lana Bailey

End of the year information:

-Backpacks stay home on Wednesday (5/19) as no backpacks are allowed in the building on the last day of school

-Please take a look at the lost and found items as anything left in the school will be donated

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Student Chrome Books

Elementary students attending in-person instruction and who have an ASD Chromebook checked out to them will be asked to return the device to their school starting May 3.

Students in the virtual program will be asked to return their device by the end of the school year unless: 1) they are attending summer school, or 2) they will be enrolled in the virtual program next year.

  • Who: Every elementary student who has been issued a District Chromebook and is attending classes in person.

  • What:
    • Students will need to return their Chromebooks and ALL power cords.
    • Any Chromebooks not returned by May 7 will be remotely disabled on May 17.

  • When: Chromebooks will be collected between May 3 - 7.

Register Returning ASD Students Online!

Who is a returning student?

  • Currently enrolled students who intend to return next year
  • Students changing divisions - Elementary to Middle, Middle to High
  • Students who have moved from one ASD zone to another ASD zone (you will need to provide proof of residency to your new school)
  • Incoming Kindergarteners who attended an Anchorage School District preschool program

Returning students can be registered through Q/ParentConnection for the 2021-22 school from April 26-January 15th, 2022

* The Online Registration System works best in Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers.

ABC Countdown to Summer

Please see information about Spring Hill's Countdown to Summer.


Summer Learning Program

Please see ASD's Flyer about Summer School.


Notes From Nurse Gerwin

With the school year coming to a close I have a few reminders.

The last day of school will be Thursday, May 20th. All student medications will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian before 3:15pm on that day. The Anchorage School District requires us to dispose of any medications that are left in the building after the last day of school. This includes Epi-Pens, inhalers, daily pills, as well as any medications that may have been brought to me for use as needed. We are not allowed to give any medications to students to carry home themselves.

Your child will need to be current on their immunizations prior to school beginning in August. If your child is in need of immunizations over the summer, you will receive a reminder from me. I strongly encourage you not to wait until August and to take care of this as soon as possible.

If you become aware of any changes to your child’s medical information over the summer, please notify me when school starts back up again in August. Complete and up to date information is so crucial to serve your student well and keep them as safe as possible here at school.

Also keep the school in mind if your contact info changes over the summer. If your child is going to need medication or special treatments at school next year, please remember that I will need the proper paperwork in place.

Wishing all Spring Hill families a healthy and rejuvenating summer break.

Naomi Gerwin, RN

School Nurse 742-5451

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Dates to Remember

May 3-7—Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9—Mother’s Day

May 20—Last Day of School

June 1-30—Summer School Block 1

July 12-Aug 5—Summer School Block 2

July 15th—Pre-Enrollment for School Year 2021-2022

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Let the Adventure Begin!

Start planning your kids’ summer adventures! Check here for information about great camps and summer programs throughout Alaska.

Best Alaska Camps

2021 Directory


Alaska Parent


Anchorage Daily News


Anchorage Summer Camps 2021


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Hello Spring Hill community, my name is Mr. Andersen. I was hoping to take a moment and introduce myself as the new Principal for Spring Hill elementary. I am very excited to be part of the Spring Hill community and look forward to meeting you in person someday. Since I am new and we are unfortunately unable to meet under normal circumstances, I thought I would share a little something about myself so you would at least have a small idea of who I am.

I am a lifelong Alaskan and I love the outdoors like so many others here, and I find time to play in our great outdoors almost every day. You can quite often find me on the single-track bike trails in the summer and the Nordic trails in the winter. I have been an educator for over 20 years now with 14 in the elementary classroom and the rest as an administrator. I believe children are the most important members of our society because they hold the potential to create a better place for all of us in the future. How we guide and interact with them is extremely important. Not only will they be our leaders of tomorrow, but also our caretakers. School is another venue in which children can collaborate and learn how interconnected we are as a society while at the same time independently striving to understand the world around them.

On final note you may have noticed that I look a little different than the average person. I was born without a left arm and by the age of 6 months I was wearing a prosthetic arm. My prosthetic allows me to do all the things I love to do, and some of the things I don’t, like shoveling snow. Just so you know, I am very comfortable with people asking me about my arm and I encourage students to ask me when we are visiting. Curiosity is an extremely valuable trait and encourages students to engage in healthy inquiry. I look forward to meeting all of you.

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