Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Services and Preplanning

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We strive to accommodate any need you may have without hesitation for you personal or religious preferences. Our unique structure allows us to facilitate many different services for a truly personal experience.
Whether you would desire a modest or elegant casket or a beautiful urn ,we have many options. We also offer mausoleums. We have musicians to play your favorite song while your family says their goodbyes. We know this is a hard time for your loved ones so we offer grief counseling to help comfort them. Our compassionate staff will respect all aspects of your life while we help you plan. Do not hesitate to request specific services or wishes based on your family customs or religious beliefs, as we have the capacity to perform many different services.
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Preplanned funerals reduce the stress of your loved ones during the hardest of times. This comfort can be your last gift to them. They will appreciate your caring about their comfort and stress.
We know these hard economic times make it even more difficult to even think of funeral costs. We offer discounts and payment plans for preplanning. Paying a little over time will reduce the stress of funeral costs. Please contact one of Funeral Consultants for a meeting to discuss all of your needs. We will do everything to make this easy for you, and your loved ones. We at Eternal Rest Funeral Home put your comfort first.