Rights and Responsibilities

How to stay safe online

Age of criminal responsibility

The age of criminal responsibility is ten years old. So, this basically means that people want you to start being responsible for your actions! But, this also means that you are old enough to be punished for the things you do: such as cyberbulling, harasment and sexting.

What is cyberbullying and harassment?

Someone who is cyberbulling (bulling someone with technology) another person, can be prosecuted according to the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

Constantly being mean to someone, ie with nasty comments relateted to things such as: ethnicity, race or sexuality, is called harasment. You can also be prosecuted from the ssment Act 1997. the difference between harasment and bullying is that harasment is on-going. However, both of these can be stoped, by using one button: the " report abuse" button on valid sites such as facebook or twitter etc.