Renewable energy around the world☀️

?Does enybody care?

What is renewable resorces?

Renewable energy sources are types of energy souces that we will ALWAYS have.Renewable resources are the most important because at some time non renewable energy resources will sometime run out.Renewable energy resources are used all through the world right now every second.Although it sounds that good it has its disadvantages and has to be used in a specific place.Example electricity isint used in the middle of a gigantic forrest near a cabin or a windmill in the middle of the city.Renewable energy sources are getting more and more popular becase we are running out of non renewable energy resources.
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Hey you over there do you or enyone care about solar power energy? Solar power energy is a wonderful source of energy that comes from the buituful sun.The sun is never going to go so that means its renewable. Some peopel say that solar power is not that strong but if it can charge a car then it is strong.You can find solar pannels on open free fields.Solar power is getting more popular day after day because we are running out of non renewable energy resources mabye now you may pay more attention right?

What are the advantages?

The main advantage(that i have talked about alot) is that solar power energy is renewable source of energy. Solar power is from the sun and the sun is always there. Another advantage is that solar power energy does not emit green houses or cause pollution. Another advantage is Solar power energy does not make eny noise. Overall solar power energy is a simple amazing source of energy that can be used for simple everyday items and transpertation.

The disadvantages dun dun dun

Alyhough solar power energy has alot of advantages there is many disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that the sun doesent shine 24 hours a day. There are even some days that the sun never shines most likely the cold countries. Solar power is not that strong and more effective then other energy sources. Solar energy is not that effective around tall buildings or in the city. Overall solar power is not the best and not the worst.