E-Staff Weekly for 3/28/16

"Personalizing Education"

It is that time of year again for Autism Awareness Day! This year, we are going to do something a little different! We are going to have an Autism Awareness Spirit Week with a school-wide activity on Friday, April 1st.

Here are the themes for the spirit week:

  • Tuesday March 29th- “Blend Together”- Wear tye dye!
  • Wednesday March 30th- “Be an Individual”- Wacky Wednesday!
  • Thursday March 31st- “Hats off to Autism”- Hat Day!
  • Friday April 1st- “Light it up Blue”- Wear Blue (and Jeans if giving a $5 donation which will go towards Autism Speaks)

Mrs. Mulloy has several books in the library that you can check out to read to your class if you would like! She has books that are appropriate for both primary and intermediate grades. Also, Brooke and I will be placing an activity in your mailbox to complete with your class on Friday. I’ve attached it as well, so you have an idea of what it will look like.

Also, for those interested in a fun class scavenger hunt, there will be 8 different Fact or Fiction statements about Autism hung around the school with QR codes. When you scan the code, it will tell you if the statement is Fact or Fiction! We will put a hardcopy of the questions in your mailbox in case you want to do it in your classroom before the scavenger hunt!

I’ve also attached some other classroom activities that can be done in your classroom when talking about Autism Awareness (or differences that we all have!).

If you’re having trouble deciding how to incorporate a lesson that day (or even that week), please let Brooke or myself know, and we can help! We have some other resources that can be used, but I didn’t want to bombard you with too many attachments and ideas.

Thanks so much for accepting our students’ “uniqueness”. Emily and Brooke
I Am Me! (A Poem for Preschoolers)

Spring Benchmarking

  1. Linkit benchmarks will be given to students in non-PSSA tested grades (K-2), using Paper/Pencil Format. (the reason for this decision was based upon the fact that PSSAs test the same standards as the Benchmarks; therefore one test is sufficient for that purpose).
  2. Decisions to provide SPRING Linkit benchmarks to any other student or groups of students will be a building- level decision. If a school decides to test students outside of the required tested groups, the information will be communicated directly to me and copied to the Supervisors and the Director of IT, Diane Miller.

New Benches Coming to Our Playground

Picture below are benches (2) that will be installed this spring on our playground. Thank you Seylar Home and School for purchasing these!
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GCN Trainings

These following training's must be completed by the end of the school year. Please see Tina for any training's you haven't completed yet.

  1. Harassment (GCN)
  2. Act 126 Mandated Reporter (GCN)
  3. Act 71 Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention (GCN)
  4. SEL training (Video and Powerpoint presentation) – for new staff members
  5. Policy 824 – Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries (will be reviewed in future faculty/department meetings)

CPI Team Annoucement

Please remember that if the CPI team is called over the intercom, all team members should report to the room that is announced. In addition, all neighboring classrooms in that hallway should refrain from allowing students to leave the classroom. I do not want students to observe staff members using CPI holds on the student that is in crisis.

Embedded Technology Coaching

Now that Brandon has accepted a position at Cheltenham SD, please remember that Chris Brockman and Cara Gurysh are available for coaching too. They are more than happy to support our technology integration. You can email them to schedule an appointment.

Kidsville Newspaper: Message from Dr. Scheid's office

We have been given the opportunity to provide our K-5 students with a monthly copy of, Kidsville newspaper. We will be sending article and pictures of our students to print in the paper via Joe Ferry.

The paper will be delivered on the 1st Tuesday or Wednesday of every month. There is no mandatory use of it. Teachers should use it at their discretion.

Lockdown Drill

In April, we will have our spring lock down drill. Please be advised that this will be unannounced and the Hilltown Police Department will be 'securing' our building, not our Seylar emergency response team. Due to their involvement, the drill will last 10-15 minutes. Communication will be sent to our families from the main office immediately following the drill.

Raptor System (NEW START DATE)

On Tuesday, March 29, our Raptor System will be implemented. Please remember that all visitors and volunteers must be wearing a printed sticker. See below for an example.
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The Adventure of the South Pole Pig

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Happy Birthday to You!



Teaching Resources, Inspiration, and Sometimes a Good Laugh!

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M. M. Seylar Elementary School

"Personalizing Education"

Education is a very personal thing. We at Seylar believe that every child has the right to achieve their highest potential and for them to be inspired, to dream, to be excited, and to have pride within themselves and for their school community. Our mission is to combine these beliefs with your child’s innate passions and love for learning to bring together a mind’s on approach, where students are engaged, challenged, and supported so they can achieve their personal best.