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From your School Psychologist

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Welcome Back to School!

It is so wonderful to hear all the kids coming back to school. I love hearing all the summer stories! As many of you know I was pregnant last year and had to leave a bit early at the end of the year. Jasper, my son, was born May 19th 2017. Everything went really well and he is a healthy thriving boy.

Jasper Smith

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New Start Times and Sleep

I don't know about you guys but getting in the swing of a new year with a new start time.... exhausting! I am sure you all feel the same way. Here is a nifty flyer with tips for Healthy Sleep Habits put out by our district. :) Sweet Dreams!
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Back-to-School Transitions: Tips for Parents

Click here for more tips!

Is your child still nervous about going to school?

Click here for a list of books to check out at your library to read.

Free and Reduced Meals

See if your family can qualify for Free and Reduced Meals at Dry Creek by going to this website:

Click on Apply Online and the qualifications will pop up!

Jenny Shell-Smith

Hello Everyone!

I work with all the kiddos at Dry Creek. Your child will know me as Ms. Jenny!

Ms. Shriver and I will be starting our Bully Proofing lessons in Dolphin 101 in the next month. If your child is reporting any feelings of sadness due to bullying please let me know. We do not accept bullying at our school.

If any of your children need any extra mental health/social supports in school please feel free to let me know. I would be happy to meet with you to determine the appropriate course of action.

Your School Psychologist,

Ms. Jenny