Coastal Plains

of Texas

Region description

The Coastal Plains are a stretch of forests, beaches, marshy swamps, and wide plains. With many atractions like houston with it's NASA space center to the national park Huntsville state park to the caddo lake! It also has many trees, rivers, and lakes to enjoy! Some industrys are oil, fishing, and tourism. Caddos and Karankawas are some cultures in the coastal plains.

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Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas was founded in August 30, 1836 by two brothers Augustus Allen and John Allen because they needed to have cities for people after the war over Texas Independance. This place has many attactions like the NASA space center. This city is located south east of Austin.

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Huntsville State Park

This place was actually suggested in the 1930's as a big recreational area. This piney park has many things to do from kayaking to regular hiking! It also houses places like Texas first prison muesam!

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This is located north of Houston.

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Caddo Lake

This lake is a common in this wet region, But is very special as there is some cool things about its history. There was a tribe of native Americans, the caddo were pushed out from thier home here, and this place was supposidly made by a log buildup in louisianna

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