Melbourne, Victoria

Come experience the most exciting place!

Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

You're a vegetarian? No worries, we got things for you too! You can come try the most popular foods, lamb and pork! People often eat in their normal diet. Like hamburgers and steak... Yum! Chicken and fish are very important too! Being close to the ocean, the seafood is very fresh! If you're looking for a heathy food, pulses and vegetables are often used for sides! So there's always a little bit of everything for anybody.

A land rich with, culture and art

Want to celebrate you're religion in a different way? Come on down! People march in parades celebrate Christmas. The land is rich with history. You can go see where the aborigines reclaimed their land. There are marches that children can even help with, to celebrate veterans of the World War 1. Anyone who served can march in the parade. I f you like parades, there's sure to be one you'll enjoy!

what to do while you're in Melbourne

Come see the Melbourne Day Cup. A great time visit is the first day of November, the day of the Melbourne Day Cup. Have picnics with your family, and enjoy the horse racing. Aborigines who lived there thousands of years before painted many things that you can go see! Animals play a huge role in the aborigines lives, so the paintings often depend on animals. If you want to see something new, there are often street performers. You'll have so many things to choose from, you won't know what to do!

Important places in Melbourne

Want to show a way to respect the ones who fought for this country? We have that also. You can see a memorial for veterans who served the country, but perished fighting. Many, and many more soldiers lost their lives in the world wars, or were extremely injured. You can see where the soldiers held their ground! Soldiers who fought became known for their bravery and determination. Australia proudly commemorates those who served!

Good eye might (go ahead say it out loud!)

Come teach your kids about different languages, and different dialects. Get this! Sharply one-forth of the population was born in Southeast Asia and Europe. Now wouldn't be cool to show the kids how different people speak? Or hear different accents? Some people here even speak British and Irish! Really, there is a variety of languages, as people migrate their. there are many languages and culture.

"Great Garden" city

You can even have the most perfect weather! people call it the "Great Garden" city because the weather is perfect to grow a garden. It does NOT have extreme temperatures, unlike other places. The city does get rainfall, making the wildlife perfect. If You want to get away from your cold winter, in the middle of December, it's summer in Melbourne!! Always the perfect weather!


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There's Nothing Like Australia: Melbourne, Victoria