About the Artist


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Name-Blain Lennon


Birthday-May 20, 1999

Favorite color-Blue

Favorite movie-Dumb and Dumber

Favorite food- Cheeseburgers, Cheesy potatoes

Blain Lennon lives in Spillville, Iowa. He enjoys playing sports like football, wrestling, and track. He likes to watch TV and play video games. His favorite shows are Duck Dynasty and Ghost Adventures. One of his favorite books is called “No Easy Day”. Some of his friends are Joel, Collin, Nathan, Sawyer, Alex and his twin brother, and Hannah. He goes to South Winneshiek Middle School and is in 8th grade. His favorite class is Social Studies. Blain wants to join the military after high school. He hopes to go skydiving in the future. Blain wants to travel the world when he gets enough money.