By Ivy Joy & Magdalyn Nitchals

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Support legal immigration, provide amnesty, create path to citizenship.


Believes decisions on abortion should be left to the woman, doctors, and families.

Gay Marriage

Support gay marriage and all the rights or benefits that come with marriage.

Gun Control

Supports background checks, restrictions on assault rifles, limits access to firearms under certain circumstances.

Minimum Wage

Support increasing federal minimum wage to a "living wage".

Legalization of Marijuana

Support legalization of cannabis oil for medical use. Views on legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

Climate Change

Evidence that climate change is caused by humans. Support regulations protecting environmental and reducing carbon emissions.

Role of Government (Sates' Rights)

Need large, centralized government to make decisions for entire country. Promotes fairness, efficiency, and consistency.

Government Spending

Reduce defense spending, increase taxes on the highest earners, and increase spending on social programs to solve the problems.

Health Care

Health care is a "natural right" and supports "Obamacare" and government spending for health care.

Military and Defense

Reduce defense spending and seek diplomatic solutions to international conflicts.
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