Life In The 1920's

Cameron Frazier & Noah Ashore - January 11th 2016

Table of contents:

1st : nativism. 2nd politics 3rd court cases. 4th scopes monkey trial. 5th innovations.


Nativism: is the policy of protecting interests of those native-born against those of immigrants &returned in the 20's because of the massive immigration and fear of losing jobs. Some laws from this was the literacy test,emergency Quota act 1921, immigration act of 1924. The Ku Klux Klan rose again in the 1920s. 50 years later after it had stopped, Colonel William Joseph Simmons revived the klan. This time they targeted more than blacks, including Jews, Catholics, and foreigners. They went after bootleggers, and wanted a "clean living." They burned crosses, had rallies and parades against immigration.


Warren G Harding was the 29th U.S. president serving from 1921 until his death. He promised to return america to "normalcy" after WW1, but ended up having a bunch of scandals, with government leaders using their position for personal gain.

Teapot Dome Scandal: A bribery scandal during the presidency of Warren Harding,

Kellogg Briand Pact: an international agreement in 1928 where states promised not to use war to solve any conflict.

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Scopes Monkey Trials

John Scopes: was a highschool teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, and illegally taught human evolution. The small town gained a lot of publicity.

Clarence Darrow: an American lawyer, known for the Scopes trial & opposing William Jennings Bryan and defending teenage thrill killers Leopold and Loeb in their trial on murdering 14 year old Bobby Franks.

William Jennings Bryan: Head of the Democratic party, after 1920 he supported prohibition and attacked darwinism and evolution at the Scopes trial.

Outcome: John Scopes is found guilty of teaching human evolution.

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